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Logos and Themes

To make a Community Hub look the way you want, administrators can create and customize a basic theme, or a completely custom theme can be created through development effort.


Administrators use a theme to customize the color of all components throughout a Community Hub and can customize the contents of the header and a footer in with text, logo, etc. which are used to give all pages a standard look and feel.

Web Cookie Alert

As part of Data Protection And Privacy, administrators can enable a web cookie alert that displays at the bottom of every Community Hub page. This alert notifies constituents that your association uses cookies, and displays a link to your privacy policy where they can learn more about how you use web cookies. Learn more about Data Protection and Privacy.

With assistance from NimbleUser Support, administrators can:

  • Create and edit a theme
  • Add a favicon
  • Customize page titles
  • Add a logo and set where it goes when clicked
  • Customize footer text

With assistance from NimbleUser Support, developers can:

  • Add a custom header and footer
  • Add a custom stylesheet
  • Add custom scripts
  • Allow custom components
  • View the Community Hub style guide
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