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LWC - Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart Lightning Web Component(LWC) enables members to remove the product, change the quantity, and proceed to check out the product(s) that they want to purchase. 

Configuration Options

Learn more about Experience Builder here.

From the components list, select the Shopping Cart component and drag it onto the site page. 

On the page, click within the Shopping Cart component to bring up the Property editor.

Figure 1. Shopping Cart LWC with configuration properties


This setting needs to be configured for the Pro forma order to display. Use {recordId} for the current record, {url.<param>} (e.g. {}) for a URL parameter, or a Salesforce record ID.

Product Detail Page

This setting allows you enter the API name of the Product Details page created. It needs to be configured to display relevant information to the selected product and allows the user to select specific options and quantities in the shopping cart.

Checkout Page

This allows you to enter the API name of the Checkout page.



Figure 2. Shopping Cart page in Experience Cloud Community Hub

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