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Lightning Web Components Library

This Nimble AMS Lightning Web Components library is a hub for developers, system administrators, or other association staff members who need to know the available LWCs that you can use for your business needs. 

Built using new Lightning Web Component (LWC) technology, you're now able to use the power of the cloud-based Experience Builder site to easily design an experience for members to find and purchase products. 

Lightning Web Components is the Salesforce (external) implementation of that new breed of lightweight frameworks built on web standards. It leverages custom elements, templates, shadow DOM, decorators, modules, and other new language constructs available in ECMAScript 7 and beyond.


  • Salesforce Lightning Community is required to use the new Nimble AMS LWCs

  • You must already have a working knowledge of Salesforce’s Experience Builder Tools.

We recommend that you are familiar with using Experience Builder. If you are not, then access Salesforce Experience Builder documentation (external).

List of Lightning Web Components Used in Nimble AMS

Name of ComponentBrief Description
Dynamic GridThe Dynamic Grid LWC allows records from multiple data sources to be displayed dynamically in a card format. It can be configured through HTML templates.
Chapter Account DisplayThe Chapter Account Display LWC shows information about the chapter. It can be configured to use a specific chapter ID or to display dynamically based on a URL parameter.
Chapter DirectoryThe Chapter Directory LWC displays a list of members of the specified chapter. It can be configured to use a specific chapter ID or to display dynamically based on a URL parameter.
Chapter Directory SearchThe Chapter Directory Search LWC works in conjunction with the Chapter Directory LWC to provide search capabilities.
Cross-Sell CarouselThe Cross-Sell Carousel LWC displays a list of suggested products to promote cross-selling of products.
Currency MenuThe Currency Menu LWC displays a set of currencies where you can view the product prices on Lightning pages. To select a display currency to view the product prices, select a currency from the menu on the lightning page. 
Downloadable ProductsThe Downloadable Products LWC displays the downloadable purchases for the logged-in member and enables them to download a digital product after they've purchased it. 
DonationsThe Donations LWC functions by enabling logged-in members to make a one-time donation.
Order CheckoutThe Order Checkout LWC displays the order details for the member during the checkout process. In addition to displaying the details of the order, the member/constituent will also be able to specify the shipping address, select shipping options as needed along with the mode of payment as they are checking out the products.
Payment ConfirmationThe Payment Confirmation LWC shows the member the details of their order and that their payment has been approved.
Product Grid FilterThe Product Grid Filter LWC categorizes and displays merchandise and products that are available in your organization.
Product GridThe Product Grid LWC is designed to display merchandise and products that are available in your organization.
Product Details

The Product Details LWC is what a product in the Product Grid LWC links to. 

Product Item DetailsThe Product Item Details LWC is designed for the following reasons:
  • It displays the details of the product available for purchase
  • It allows a member/constituent to select the quantity
  • It allows the member/constituent to use Buy Now or add the product to their shopping cart.
Shopping CartThe Shopping Cart LWC enables members to remove the product, change the quantity, and proceed to check out the product(s) that they want to purchase. 

Event Spotlight

The Event Spotlight LWC enables the associations to advertise/spotlight crucial events for associations on any Lightning Page. It makes it easier for associations to reach their target audience and maximize attendance.

Event Catalog

Event Catalog LWC enables your association to showcase its upcoming events on the Experience Cloud Lightning pages that are visually appealing and modern. App Builders can choose a Grid, Table, or Compact layout based on how associations want to display their events to their constituents.

Event Details

The Event Details LWC displays detailed information about a particular event along with the Event Type, Event Image, Event Name, Start and end Date, and other related important details. This component can be placed on the Experience Cloud Lightning Page and provide the constituents with modern modern-looking user experience.

Event FilterThe Event Filter LWC on the Lightning page allows users to analyze upcoming event data based on specific criteria, such as Event Type, City, State, and Date Range so that users can refine their search and quickly find events that can meet their specific needs and requirements.
My Payment MethodsThe My Payment Methods LWC on the Lightning page provides an easy-to-use interface that allows the association members to add new payment methods, manage the existing ones, and view all of their stored payment information on the Experience Cloud Community Hub or the Hybrid Community Hub (Visualforce CH + Experience Cloud CH).
My OrdersMy Orders Lightning Web Component (LWC) displays a list of Orders once placed on the Experience Cloud Lightning page. My Orders LWC is powered by the Data Source API that lets the Admins plug the purpose-built data sources if required.

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