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Manage Engagement Page

On the Manage Engagements page, constituents can can view the details of a current engagement, upload related content, and submit it for review.

 Constituents are taken to the Manage Engagements page when they click Manage for an engagement on the My Engagements Page.

Viewing a Summary

Constituents can view key fields about their engagement, such as the type of engagement and important dates.

Tracking Engagement Progress

Each item pertaining to the completion of the engagement display in a read-only checklist so constituents understand what they've completed and what they have remaining.

Uploading Related Content

Constituents can upload content related to the engagement such as a PDF or presentation file.

Submitting for Review

If constituents haven't yet submitted the engagement for review and it is before the Submission Due Date, they can click Submit. This triggers a flow which sets Application Status to Submitted and they are taken to the My Engagements Page with a success message.

constituents can also resubmit the engagement for review if its current status is Additional Info Requested. This is useful when the original submission requires additional files or revised files from the constituent.

Once the engagement is submitted, a message displays instead of the button letting constituents know the engagement was submitted.

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