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Manage the Primary Affiliation of an Account

Staff can set an affiliation to be primary to designate that information should flow from a parent to a child account. An account can be affiliated to many accounts, but can only have one primary affiliation. The primary affiliation represents an individual's relationship to the company from which information flows down. Staff and constituents can view the constituent's primary affiliation and change is at any time, and the previously primary affiliation will be updated to no longer be primary, ensuring the individual is only primarily associated to one company.

The name of the parent company account displays in Primary Affiliation on the individual or company location account.

  1. From an account, in Primary Affiliation, enter the name of the name of the company account you want to be primarily affiliated to this one, click 
    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, Lookup
    , and select the account.
  2. Click Save.

    • When Primary Affiliation is blank, Primary Affiliation is selected on any active affiliation to the company or a new affiliation is created with Primary Affiliation selected.
    • When changing Primary Affiliation to a new company, affiliation on the newly added Primary Affiliation is selected and Primary Affiliation on the previously primary affiliation is deselected.
    • When removing the value in Primary Affiliation, Primary Affiliation on the previously primary affiliation is deselected.


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