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Membership Bundle Components Data Source

Membership Bundle Components data source is used to get the membership products that are available to a user based on the selected membership type.

The selected membership type is specified as a url parameter with the key 'id' where the value should be the Id of a Membership Type record that has an "Active" status and where "Self Service Enabled" is selected.

In addition to the membership type, this data source will also calculate the stage of the current user to determine if they are joining or renewing.

Lastly, this data source will determine if the user has a primary affiliation and is a company manager. If so, and they have selected a company membership type, the membership products that are returned will be those that are available to the user's primary affiliation instead.

Custom data sources should return a list of NU Bundle Components and should be specified by updating the Class on the Membership Bundle Components data source record instead of updating the DataSource field on each of the cards.


idThe Id of a membership type record.

Cards Using This Data Source

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