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There are two different menus in a Community Hub. The first is a global menu in the page header and the second is an account navigation menu, which provides specific navigation to constituents when they are looking at their account pages. The Account menu can display additional menu items for those who are logged out or who are company managers.

The items in both menus can be renamed, reordered, disabled, added, or removed. These menu items can also link to pages that are both internal, (part of the Community Hub) or external so you can integrate the Community Hub with an existing web site. You can also add a CSS class to a menu item so you can customize its style.

Finally,  Community Hub provides a notification to constituents when there are items in their cart and gives them a button that takes them to Checkout.

Customize Menus

Administrators use Navigation Configuration to customize all the menu items in the global and account menus for each Community Hub. Administrators can:

  • View menus
  • View menu items
  • Create a menu item
  • Reorder menu items
  • Edit a menu item

While editing a menu item, administrators can customize the:

  • Name of the menu item
  • Menu in which the item is displayed
  • URL to which the menu item navigates
  • Theme of a menu item with HTML or CSS
  • Visibility of a menu item
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