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Merchandise Management

After creating your Merchandise products, you can enable these for Self Service, which will enable constituents to purchase them through Community Hub.


Staff can set up products with quantity limits and inventory tracking so you can manage and track the flow of products at your association.

Downloadable Products

Community Hub allows constituents to purchase downloadable products and download them directly. Once a user logs into their account, they can go the My Downloads page and view all downloadable items that have been purchased in Community Hub.

Ship Methods

Community Hub supports four Ship Method record types driven by Nimble AMS staff view functionality:

  • Cost: Ship methods that are based on the cost of the merchandise being shipped

  • Flat Rate: Ship methods with a defined or set shipping charge.
  • Percentage of Cost: Ship methods that are based on a percentage of the cost of the merchandise being shipped.
  • Weight: Ship methods that are based on the weight of the merchandise being shipped.

Community Hub users can select a shipping method during the checkout process if shippable merchandise items are included in their order. The user can select the desired shipping method from the list of available methods and the appropriate fees will be added to the cart total. Shipping address fields will only be shown to the user if they have selected shippable products.

Uploading and Populating A Web Product Image URL

Due to Salesforce Lightning Experience Limitations, this process must be completed in Salesforce Classic.

  1. If you are currently in the Lightning Experience, click your profile icon in the upper right and select "Switch To Salesforce Classic"
  2. From "All Tabs" ( + ), Navigate to "Documents"
  3. Click "New" to create a new document.
  4. Insert a label for the new image, choose an upload folder (for example, Nimble AMS), and upload your image
  5. Before saving, ensure the "Externally Available Image" checkbox is set to true.
  6. Save
  7. From the document detail page, right click on the newly uploaded image and copy the image address
  8. Insert this image link into the "Web Product Image URL" field
  9. Save
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