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Moving Community Hub Setup

Whether your organization uses Custom Settings or Custom Metadata types, Nimble AMS provides two ways to move Community Hub setup between orgs.

Using a Change Set

If your organization uses the new approach to storing Community Hub components—with Custom Metadata types—you can make the same changes in both your sandbox and production orgs or you can move the changes using a change set.

Contact Nimble AMS Support to learn whether your org is using Custom Metadata types.

Once you have made your desired customizations and tested them thoroughly in your staging org, you are ready to move your changes into your production org. The most reliable way to do that is with a change set.

Show Me an Example...

You want to customize a page that already exists and add a new card and a new button to it. You make your changes in your staging org and test them out. Everything looks great!

Now you want move your changes into your production org:

  1. Create a change set.
  2. Add the page you modified, the new card you created, and the new button to your change set.
  3. Remember to add the link records. These records were created automatically as you made your new cards and buttons.

    The records follow a naming convention that includes the name of the records they link. For example: A page card link to a My Orders page with a custom Order Tracking Card would be MyOrder_OrderTracking.

Once you have all of your link records added to the change set, you are ready to upload it to your production org.

  1. Create a change set:
    1. From Setup, enter Outbound Change Sets in the Quick Find box, then select Outbound Change Sets.
    2. Click New.
    3. In Name, enter a recognizable name for the change set.

      We recommend you develop a naming convention so you can easily find this change set in the future.

    4. In Description, enter a description to help you remember what the change set includes.
    5. Click Save.
  2. Add components to the change set and upload it to the target org:
    1. In the Change Set Components section, click Add.
    2. In Component Type, choose the type of component and the components you want to add, and then click Add to Change Set.

      To move Community Hub components you will need to add the navigational menu items, pages, card types, card layouts, cards, buttons, button menus and the corresponding link objects you have modified to the change set. Link objects are junction objects that are automatically created when you create new components. The name of the record indicates the names of the records they link:

      Button Menu Button Link—If you are moving changes to buttons and button menus you will need to include the button menu button link components

      Card Button Link—If you are moving changes to cards and buttons you will need to include the card button menu components also

      Page Card Link—If you are moving changes to pages and cards you will need to include the page card Link components also

      Data Source —If you are moving changes to pages and cards you will need to include the data source and query components.

      Queries are metadata records and must be recreated in Production; these can not be moved via change set from a Sandbox.

    3. Once you have added all the components, click Upload.
    4. Select the org you want to send the change set to.
    5. Click Upload.
  3. Deploy the change set in the target org:
    1. Log into the target org.
    2. From Setup, enter Inbound Change Sets in the Quick Find box, then select Inbound Change Sets.
    3. Click the name of a change set.
    4. Click Validate.
    5. After the validation completes, click Deploy.

Using the Configuration Migrator

If your org uses the classic approach to storing Community Hub components—that is, using Custom Settings rather than Custom Metadata types—administrators use Configuration Migrator to move Community Hub setup from one org to another. This is useful when migrating all Custom Settings from a staging org to a production org. If one or more Custom Setting(s) in an org are updated, and all Custom Settings are migrated to another org where the same Custom Setting(s) exist, the existing Custom Setting(s) are updated.

Migrating a Community Hub setup in this way is not supported for orgs where Custom Metadata types are enabled. If you org uses Custom Metadata types, we recommend you make changes manually in your sandbox and production orgs, or use a change set to move the changes from your sandbox to production. Contact Nimble AMS Support to learn whether your org is using Custom Metadata types.

Also, keep in mind that migrating a Community Hub setup overwrites all Community Hub custom settings in the org into which the Community Hub setup is migrated.

Finally, if one or more custom setting(s) in an org are deleted, and all custom settings are migrated to another org where the same custom setting(s) exist, the existing custom setting(s) are not deleted.

  1. On the org from which you want to migrate Custom Settings, navigate to [salesforce org url]/apex/nc__migrateconfiguration.
  2. Click Export.
  3. In Configuration, select all text and copy it to your clipboard.
  4. On the org to which you want to migrate the Community Hub, navigate to [salesforce org url]/apex/nc__migrateconfiguration.
  5. In Configuration, paste the contents of your clipboard.
  6. Click Import.
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