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Multiple Community Hubs

Nimble AMS can support one or more Community Hubs for your association's different entities. If you would like this, please reach out to our support team or your implementation team. 

Salesforce Communities and Entities

A Community Hub is made up of two very important pieces: a Salesforce community and an entity. The Salesforce community provides the base user management and interaction in Community Hub. The entity dictates what products display in Community Hub, to whom each transaction belongs, and what stored payment methods display.

This combination of Salesforce community and entity allows your association to create one or more Community Hubs for your association's different entities. For example, you can create a Community Hub for the ISEN association, and another for the ISENFND foundation community. Each Community Hub is set up with a different entity, so ISEN can take payments for memberships, registrations and merchandise using one payment gateway, and ISENFND can take donations through another. Your constituents can use the ISEN Community Hub completely independently from the ISENFND Community Hub, but in the background, they both work with your one Salesforce org running Nimble AMS.

Community Hub Components

Themes, Pages, and Menu Items

Each Community Hub has unique theming, pages, and menu items. This allows you to set up totally different Community Hubs for each of your entities. This means your constituents can experience a theme, navigation, and pages in the ISEN Community Hub which are completely different from the ISENFND Community Hub, so you can make make each as unique or similar as you would like.

Other Components

Other components like card types, cards, data sources, filters, and buttons are shared across all Community Hubs, so a useful card can display on the Personal Snapshot page for your association and foundation Community Hubs. Your constituents can use the same useful components in both the ISEN Community Hub and the ISENFND Community Hub, and you can use them on pages in different ways to create a totally unique experience.

Data Sources

In addition, you can set up the data sources to display data appropriate for a Community Hub.

You can set up data sources to return only data for the entity of the current Community Hub, so you can use the same data source in multiple Community Hubs. For example: A data source that returns past orders for the entity of the current Community Hub will return only orders where ISEN is the entity on the ISEN Community Hub and orders where ISENFND is the entity on the ISENFND Community Hub.

You can also set up data sources to return data for all entities, so you can display data that may not be directly related to the entity of the current Community Hub. For example: A data source that returns past orders for all entities.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things to remember when managing multiple Community Hubs:

  • A Community Hub user's profile photo, username, password, and social accounts and sign on are shared between all entities.
  • If you create two Community Hubs which both have the same entities, like if you were to make an ISEN association Community Hub and a Community Hub for the ISEN annual conference:
    • URLs for express payment, donations, event registration, and downloadable merchandise on the entity can only point to one of the Community Hubs, so you will need to choose which Community Hub should be used.
  • To help you get started with multiple Community Hubs, when you create your first Community Hub, the existing theme, as well as all pages and navigation items are associated with the Community Hub; leaving your constituent's online experience unchanged. You can then create additional Community Hubs with a unique theme, pages, and navigation items.

Customize Community Hubs

Administrators use Community Hubs Configuration to configure the Salesforce community and entity used by your association's  Community Hubs. Administrators can:

  • Create a Community Hub
  • Change the entity used by a Community Hub

How to get started

Please contact support to learn more about how to take advantage of these improvements.

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