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My Affiliations Page

On the My Affiliations page, constituents can see information on their active affiliation(s). Constituents can click Add Affiliation to be taken to the Add Affiliation page where they can search for and affiliate themselves with an existing company. If company account duplicate checking for company accounts is disabled, constituents are taken to the Create New Company page instead, where they can create and affiliate themselves with a new company.


If individual constituents are not affiliated with a company, the Company card displays a message letting them know they have no affiliations. This would be a good time for constituents to click Add Affiliation.

Once they are affiliated to one or more companies, constituents can view their primary affiliation, followed by any other affiliations.

On each affiliation, individuals can click the ellipses and use the following options:

  • If the affiliation is not the primary affiliation,  constituents can click Set As Primary to make it primary. When this happens, Primary Affiliation is selected on the affiliation and deselected on the previously primary affiliation because constituents can only have one primary affiliation.
  • Remove takes constituents to the End Affiliation page where they can remove their affiliation with a company.

Company Managers

In addition to the ability to view, add, and remove their personal affiliations, company managers have additional options for their company affiliations when they click the ellipses:

  • Company Profile which takes them to the Company Snapshot page where they can view their company information and affiliations.
  • Edit Company which takes them to the Edit Company page where they can update their company information.
  • Mange Roster which takes them to the Company Roster page where they can manage their company roster.
  • Remove which takes them to the End Affiliation page where they can unafilliate themselves from the company.

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