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My Login Information Page

The My Login Information page allows Community Hub users to view and update their login information.

Updating a Username

Users can enter a different email address to use as their username and submit it to change their username. The username must be an email address.

Updating a Password

Users with a passwords can enter it to verify who they are, and then enter their desired new password twice to verify that it contains no typos.

If a user created their account with social sign-on, they will not have a password, so they can enter their desired new password twice to verify that it contains no typos.

Finally, users can click submit to change their password.

Changing a username or password does not affect a link(s) to a social account.

Updating Social Connections

When enabled, users can can click to connect their Community Hub account to a social account, or to disconnect a Community Hub account from a social account. Users can also see the username of the social account that is connected to their Community Hub Account.

If users disconnect from Community Hub within a social account, that disconnection won't show on the My Login Information page. The social account will still shown as being connected because it does not signal back to Community Hub that a change was made.

When connecting a social account, after approving a connection to their social account, users see the "Link Your Account" page. This is a base Salesforce page, and is themed independently of Community Hub. See Brand Your Community (external) to learn how to customize this page.

Page Information

My Login Information

Cards on the Page

Update Password
Change Username
Social Connections
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