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My Payment Methods Page

On the My Payment Methods page, constituents can save new payment methods as well as edit and remove existing ones.

Expired stored credit cards display on this page so constituents can update or remove them.

Also, each saved payment method displays the Payment Detail field, which is a formula field showing information specific to the type of stored payment method. You can use a custom formula field to include different information as you see fit.

Finally, only stored payment methods for the entity of theCommunity Hub display. Stored payment methods for other payment entities are only accessible in their related Community Hub.

No Stored Payment Methods

If constituents have no stored payment methods, a message displays letting them know.

Adding a New Payment Method

For stored credit cards, constituents can click Add Credit Card to navigate to the Manage Credit Card page to create a new stored credit card or click Add Bank Account to navigate to the Manage Bank Account page to create a stored eCheck bank account.

If you are using the BluePay payment gateway with Hosted Payment Forms enabled, you will enter the eCheck account or credit/debit card details on the Hosted Payment Form and store them on the Hosted Payment Gateway instead of Nimble AMS or Community Hub. Learn more.

If you are using the Authorize.Net payment gateway, constituents are limited to having a maximum of 10 stored payment methods at a time. If constituents add 10 stored payment methods, Add Credit Card and Add Bank Account no longer display to prevent them from creating a new one. They must remove a stored payment before they can add a new one.

Managing Payment Methods

For each stored payment method, constituents can click the ellipses for some options:

  • Set As Default—This sets the stored payment method as the default method used when checking out.

  • Edit—This navigates constituent to the Manage Credit Card page if it is a stored credit card or Manage Bank Account if it is a stored bank account, where they can can update the payment method information and/or change whether it is their default payment method.

  • Remove—This removes the stored payment method from the constituent's account and displays a message at the top of the page letting them know it was removed. Constituents will not be able to remove the stored payment method if it's related to a scheduled payment. In this case, constituents must edit the scheduled payment on the My Payment Methods page to use a different stored payment method.

    When constituents remove a stored payment method, not only is it no longer displayed on the My Payment Methods page, the payment gateway also deletes it from their account. This is standard payment gateway behavior, and does not affect Nimble AMS or payment gateway transaction history for the payment method. For any payments made using the stored payment method, the Payment Type Issuer is stored, the last four digits of the bank or credit card Account Number are included, and Created By External Payment Method is selected so you can still search for them and use them in your metrics.

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My Payment Methods
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