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New and Improved Lightning Store in Experience Cloud

With the new and improved Lightning Store developed by Nimble AMS, association members will discover a curated marketplace for all your association products. Whether it's membership, event registration, donation, merchandise, or other unique product offerings, Nimble AMS has organized everything such that associations do not need to create separate stores to display all these products online. Members can freely dive into bespoke shopping with each product type showcased in its optimal format, and checkout these products in Experience Cloud checkout, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated shopping experience. Elevate your member's engagement using this new feature to display unique products, ensuring an optimized shopping experience. When different products are displayed on the new lightning store in Experience Cloud, members can click on their choice of product to trigger the purchase process based on the product type (Merchandise, Event, Membership, etc). For example, the card for Membership Type will start the Join process while the card for Merchandise product will take the member to the Product details page.

Purchase Product Types

See the experience cloud checkout page and subpages for detailed steps of a member's experience purchasing different product types from start to finish.

The improved Lightning Store serves as a one-stop shop that provides a streamlined and comprehensive solution for members seeking any product. Everything has been thoughtfully organized in one centralized location, ensuring members can effortlessly locate what they're looking for. Moreover, in our pursuit of member excellence, this improvement enhances the user experience by integrating an improved UX, coupled with a modern UI, which allows associations to craft the perfect purchasing experience tailored to their members' needs. Lastly, configuring the system has never been simpler or faster. Thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop feature of the Salesforce Community Builder (Experience Builder) that seamlessly aligns Nimble AMS with Salesforce to better leverage platform improvements going forward.

The New and Improved Lightning Store supports most product types; Membership, Merchandise, Events, Donation, Advertisement, Sponsorship, Exhibit, and Miscellaneous, while the earlier version of the Lightning Store capabilities are limited to Merchandise products.

Configuration: The New and Improved Lightning Store requires the Dynamic Grid LWC to be configured, while the Lightning Store requires the Product Grid LWC to be configured in Experience Cloud.

Figure 1.  The new and improved Lightning Store with Event Registration and Membership products displayed.


Search functionality: - The new lightning store currently doesn't provide members with the ability to search products using keywords. 

Filter option: The new lightning store currently lacks a filter functionality that will allow members to filter the products list.

Limited product record type: The new lightning store supports membership, event registration, donation, merchandise, miscellaneous, advertisement, sponsorship, and exhibit but other products like: subscription, program, coupon, etc, are currently not supported.

Get Started Today

Request to be enrolled in a pilot through the "Enroll in a Pilot" section on our NimbleLand Pilots page. Select the Experience Cloud Community Hub option from the Features drop-down.

Dynamic Grid LWC

Lightning Store for Merchandise

Experience Cloud Checkout

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