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Nimble Actions Library


Nimble Actions, like Salesforce Invocable Actions, are advanced functionalities that enhance your association's customization and facilitate specific operations such as: dispatching an email, processing a proforma order, and many more. When executed, these actions ensure that all modifications are immediately recorded and updated within the Nimble AMS org.

Nimble Actions’ designs prioritize no-code customization, and user-friendliness, ensuring that both end users and system administrators experience a consistent interaction. Tools such as Workflows can be used to create and manage these Actions. Nimble Actions have been developed by Nimble AMS and are immediately available for configuration by association staff. Its functions, along with its input and output parameters, can be configured and used to invoke a system process.


It is encouraged that only app builders or system administrators should execute Nimble Actions. For more information, see Salesforce Invocable Actions.

List of Nimble Actions Used in Nimble AMS

Name of Invocable Action

Brief Description

Convert Cart to Proforma Order

The system ensures flexibility with capabilities to handle multiple carts using the cart ids and action is integrated to process the cart(s) into the finalized proforma order.

Add Donation To Proforma Order

This action adds a donation product(s) to a Proforma order.

Add to Proforma

This adds membership products to Proforma order.

Add Miscellaneous, Advertising, Exhibitor, or Sponsorship products to Proforma Order

This invocable is commonly used to add Miscellaneous, Advertising, Exhibitor, or Sponsorships products to Proforma.

Add Merchandise product to Proforma

This action is used to add merchandise products to a proforma order.

Add Registration products to Proforma

This adds registration products to proforma orders.

Add Subscription to Proforma Order

This adds subscription products to proforma orders.

Apply shipping address to a line in Proforma order

This applies Shipping Address to the order item in proforma.

Apply Proforma Order Taxes

This applies taxes to the entire order.

Apply shipping method to Proforma order

This seamlessly adds a shipping method to an order item line in proforma order.

Fetch Membership Links with Prices

This seamlessly integrates membership products links and their prices into proforma orders.

Get an OrderSummary for passed-in orders

This seamlessly integrates all details about the order.

Fetch Products with Prices

This fetches products and their assigned prices, into an order.

Gets shipping method for order

This gets the appropriate shipping method for an order.

Get Default Price Class for the Customer

This gets the default price class applicable to the account.

Process a Proforma order

This seamlessly process orders into a proforma order.

Note: Processed order impacts Accounts Receivable (AR)

Remove Line from Proforma Order

This seamlessly removes an order item line from a proforma order.

Send Email

This seamlessly allows automated emails to be sent.

Figure 1. Example of a Convert Cart to Pro forma Nimble Action used in a flow

How To Get Started?

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Salesforce Invocable Actions

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