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Nimble AMS SynchedLearning API Integration

The right resources to help streamline your business operations coupled with great communication are a must-have for your association. In this particular context, the type of communication we're referring to is 'technology-based' and should enable your association to request data from or send it to a cloud-based server efficiently. Introducing the Nimble AMS SynchedLearning API Integration! Your existing Learning Management System (LMS) can now sync with Nimble AMS to operate as a unified single platform. While there are different types of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), we've chosen a REST API and Pub/Sub messaging. Either of these approaches can create a seamless integration between Nimble AMS and the Learning Management System that you choose to use.  What does this mean for you?  Put simply, this type of API architecture provides different benefits such as scalability as your business grows, and is a more modern web application development to provide you with a better customer experience.

In addition, the architecture enables your administrators to easily extend the API capabilities through point-and-click field sets. You can now make additional fields (from the Product and Order Item Line objects) visible based on how you'd like to integrate Nimble AMS with your LMS. The API framework automatically includes these additional fields in the API response and makes it available for an LMS to consume. By making our API more flexible for your specific needs, there is no need for new code to be written which will eliminate costly customizations for your business. This will also help you to tailor your LMS for your members even more than you can already.


Figure 1. Infographic that shows how our API will integrate with your LMS 


  Figure 2. Screenshot that shows added fields that can be exposed


  • Asynchronous workflows and instantaneous push-based delivery of messages: The API has been created to synchronize Learning Management System products, purchases, and write-back information between Nimble AMS and the LMS system. Publish-subscribe (Pub/sub) messaging eliminates the need for your LMS system to periodically check or 'poll' for new information. Since the API has been built in a generic way it can be used to integrate with any LMS of your choice.
  • Authentication/Synchronization and Course Completion Write Back: Single Sign-On to authenticate members, catalog/product and enrollment synchronization to set up and make learning products readily available, and data that's written back to Nimble AMS are all functions that can happen by using this API.
  • Centralized Repository: When multiple systems are involved, data can get scattered between those systems. By writing back data into Nimble AMS, we are reducing data silos so that all member-related data is in one place - Nimble AMS. An association member and association staff both get 360-degree insight into the member's learning experience right from Nimble AMS.
  • Extensible and Cost-Saving: By us extending out-of-the-box capabilities, you can configure the SynchedLearning API structure to make additional fields visible (based on how you'd like to integrate Nimble AMS with your LMS). This will eliminate costly customizations for your business and provide a highly tailored solution to meet specific needs.

Ready to get started?

To get started, please request the SynchedLearningAPI package by submitting a support case.

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