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Order Configuration

With Nimble AMS, the Order Processor is pretty much ready to use out of the gate.  After minimal initial setup that our implementation team will work together with your organization to complete, you can be processing orders in no time! Even with this ready to use feature, there is also plenty of room for customization, so you can provide your constituents with the best experience possible.

Add Bill Me Payment URL to the Order Summary Page

If your association uses bill me to let constituents check out without paying right away and express payments, you can can streamline the billing process by giving constituents a payment URL they can easily share with a trusted individual in their company who can pay the invoice. By adding the Payment URL field to the Order Summary page and the order summary email, trusted individuals can pay the invoice on the Express Payment page without even having to log in.

Customize Community Hub to Show New Types of Order Items in Community Hub

By default, the My Orders, Checkout, and Order Summary pages show custom Order Items in the same way as Merchandise Order Items. The way in which custom Order Items are shown can be customized through development effort and record creation.

Enable New Checkout and Invoice Experience in Community Hub

In orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Nimble AMS Summer '17 release, administrators can enable the new checkout and invoice experience to allow more customization in Community Hub.

Enable Order Adjustment Versioning

By default, Nimble AMS allows multiple users to edit the same order item. This is not recommended as orders could be impacted in unforeseen ways if multiple edits are made to an order at the same time.

When order adjustment versioning is enabled, Nimble AMS does not submit an order with a conflicting edit and shows a message letting users know they cannot submit the order because it includes items which have been modified by another user.

Be sure your org has no conflicting customizations before enabling this feature.

Enable Over Overpayment

Administrators can streamline payment entry for staff using the Allow Overpayments business rule to control when overpayments can be made for an order.

Be sure your org has no conflicting customizations before enabling this feature.

Enable Adjustment Cart Collision Prevention

In orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Winter '18 release, Nimble AMS allows staff to create multiple adjustment carts. This is not recommended as orders could be impacted in unforeseen ways if multiple updates are made to an order and then submitted.

Enable adjustment cart collision prevention so staff can not create multiple adjustmentcarts. Instead, a message displays letting them know they cannot create a new adjustment cart with a link to the existing adjustment cart.

Be sure your org has no conflicting customizations before enabling this feature.

Enable the Enhanced "My Orders" Experience

Administrators can add new cards to the My Orders page so constituents can view orders for themselves and any company they manage, paid or not.

Set the Order Confirmation Email Template

Administrators can set which email template to send when constituents check out in Community Hub and when staff click Send Email on an order. You can use an email template included with Nimble AMS or a custom email template.

Update Payment Method Prompt in Community Hub

If your association uses stored payment methods, you can prompt constituents to update an inactive stored payment method after they log into Community Hub. This is especially useful if you've transitioned to the BluePay payment gateway and were unable to migrate existing stored payment methods from the legacy payment gateway. This recipe provides an example of creating a text card on the Personal Snapshot page in Community Hub that prompts constituents to browse to the My Payment Methods page and update their information.

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