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Order Item Configurations

With Nimble AMS, you can sell a variety of different product or order types, such as memberships, registrations and more, to your association's constituents. The order types used by your association are set using order item configuration records. The order item configurations are then used to set entity order items that determine which order types are available to an entity.

An order item configuration defines:

  • How the order type behaves in the Staff View order process
  • What order types can be sold in Community Hub
  • What data attributes are collected within an order. For example: a membership must have a start and end date but a registration does not.

You set the following on each order item configuration:

  • The name of the order type
  • The status 
  • The path of the Staff View order process page the order type uses 
  • The cart submitter class, which is the name of the Apex class that controls the behavior of the order type during the order process  
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