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Payment Management

Nimble AMS has multiple additions to help in managing payments.

Bill Me

Constituent can use the bill me payment option to purchase products in Community Hub without having to pay right away. Bill me can be set up to let constituents check out using a Pay Later - Bill Me option, where an account receivable is created for them to submit the payment at a later time. Bill me can be renamed in Community Hub, so you can call it Purchase Order, Deferred Payment, Pay Later, etc, and you can collect whatever information you desire, like a purchase order number; it's all up to how you set it up for your association.


In Nimble AMS, you can receive prepayments from constituents to later apply to orders. In addition, pending refunds on orders may be applied to a prepayment payables GL account as a credit refund, which allows you to apply a refund from one order to another. The prepayments and credit refunds are recorded against a prepayment payable GL account that you set up.

Payment Processing

Both staff using the Staff View order process and constituents using Community Hub may make a payment using a one time credit/debit card, stored credit card, or eCheck. For new orders, the checkout process results in the creation of an order in Nimble AMS and the payment gateway is used to process the payment. Nimble AMS stores all of the order details, while the payment gateway handles the actual processing and receipt of payment. For PCI compliance, the constituent's payment details such as full credit card or account number are never stored in Nimble AMS.

Express Payments

Express payment makes it as easy as possible for your association to receive a payment for anything from anyone.

When constituents have an invoice with an outstanding balance, you can send an email containing a unique URL which directs them to a page where they can view the invoice in full, and use a streamlined payment process.

Guests can also process payments, so constituents can simply forward the email with the unique invoice URL to someone else to apply payment, such as an individual in an accounting department who may not have a Community Hub account. With the unique URL they can access the invoice and pay it as a guest.

Stored Payment Methods

You can streamline your constituent's checkout experience by letting them pay with a stored payment method in Community Hub and in Staff View. Your constituents can view and quickly add, edit, or remove their stored payment methods in Community Hub as well as use the Pay Now - Saved Payment option at checkout to place an order without re-entering their payment information. If using BluePay or CardPointe as your payment gateway then you can use their respective Card Account Updater to keep stored payment method information up to date ensuring payments are coming in without hassle.

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