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Payment Transfers

Payment Transfers allow you to move payments between two or more order items, so long as they are part of the same order. This process will attempt to move the entirety of the payment, but will only move the amount of the receiving product. This can be used in a variety of situations, such a registration substitutions or replacing one merchandise product with another. However, Payment Transfers and Automatic Payment Transfers are, by default, not enabled.

Enabling Payment Transfers

  1. From All Tabs | Payment Methods
  2. Click New Payment Method 
  3. Name the Payment Method "Transfer"
  4. Save
  5. From All Tabs | Entity 
  6. Link the Payment Method Created in steps 2-4 to the Entity by creating a new Entity Payment Method

Automatic Payment Transfers

When the Automatic Payment Transfer process is enabled and an adjustment is made to an existing order such that there is an order item with a refund owed and an active order item with payment due, then Nimble AMS automatically performs adjustments. If automatic transfer is not enabled, or there are multiple cancelled and active order items in a cart, then you can manually move around the payments as necessary from the Payment page in the order process. 

Enabling Automatic Payment Transfers

  1. From All Tabs | Configuration
  2. Select Edit next to AllowAutomaticPaymentTransfers
  3. Set Value field to "True"
  4. Save
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