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Preview a Template

As you build a template, we recommend previewing the template to ensure it gives the desired result when populated with data.

Previewing a template is available in Salesforce Classic and in Lightning View. If not installed already (it is usually available by default for new customers) the NUTPL package will need to be installed in your org first. 

In Classic:

Go to Setup - Object Manager

Search for Templates Object

Add the Preview button onto the Page Layout  Section if not already there.

In Lightning:

Go to Setup - Object Manager

Search for Templates Object

Go to Page Layouts

Go to Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Experience Actions and click on override the standard if not already done.

Then drag the Preview button onto that section and save.

Preview a Template

  1. From a template, click Preview

  2. Key is prepopulated with param1= which you should only change if your query requires a different key.

  3. In Value, enter the Salesforce ID of the record you want to preview in the template. For example, param1=0014100000BpJyl.

    Every page in Salesforce has a unique ID called a Salesforce ID. It is a unique combination of numbers and letters, either 15 or 18 characters long. While you are developing your template, try to identify a sample record for your template and use that record’s Salesforce ID when viewing a preview.

    There must be a value in Key for the preview to display properly. This ensures the Salesforce ID passes into the template as the first parameter of the SOQL query.

  4. If the query used with the template requires multiple parameters, click Add Parameter and enter an additional key and value. You can add as many parameters as necessary.

  5. Click Launch Preview.

  6. Review the template to ensure the data displays as expected.

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