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Programs in Community Hub

Community Hub provides users the ability to see the Programs they're enrolled in at a glance, and to dive in for more details. Users can see additional details on their enrolled Programs and see how they are progressing within each Milestone in the Program. Users can take a deeper look at each milestone to see the Components they've completed toward each and see what units are remaining to complete the Milestone.

As users make progress, they can submit Components in Community Hub including files any special notes to staff. While reviewing the Components they've submitted, users can edit any that are pending to ensure accuracy and add or remove uploaded files. If needed, users can also delete Components they've submitted.

When staff create a cash bill cart for users' Program renewal, users can access their renewal from My Programs to see the details on the renewal and continue to Checkout.

Enable Programs in Community Hub

To enable Programs in Community Hub, follow the below steps:

  1. From Setup, enter Custom Metadata Types in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Metadata Types.

  2. Click Manage Records next to the Tag of Community Hub.

  3. Click Edit next to CMTRecordsWIN18.

  4. Select Is Active. 

  5. Click Save.

Viewing Programs

Personal Snapshot Page

The affiliation experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS Programs is installed.

The affiliation experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS Programs is installed.If users are enrolled in one or more programs, they see a card with the name(s) and enrollment status of their program(s) on Personal Snapshot. Users can click to see additional details on their programs.

My Programs Page

My Programs shows users the programs in which they are enrolled. They can see any program(s) in which they are currently enrolled, their status, start date, and end date for their their program(s). Users can click to see more details on a program or to add a component. Also, If users have a cash bill cart with a program renewal, they see a button which takes them to see the cash bill cart and renew their program enrollment.

Viewing Milestones

Program Progress Page

Program Progress shows users the milestones for a program in which they are enrolled. The required units for each milestone are shown to users along with any units they've earned. Users can also click to see the components for each milestone.

Milestone Progress Page

Milestone Progress shows users their progress for a particular program milestone by showing the components for that milestone.

Viewing Components

My Components Page

My Components shows users the number of total units they've earned, and shows details for their Components. Users can click to create a new component or to see more details on their components.

Component Page

The Component page shows users details and a list of files uploaded for a component. If a file was uploaded by the user, or the user is made the owner of a file in Staff View, they can click to download it.

Submitting Components

New Component Page

On New Component, users can submit new components by selecting the type of component they want to submit, indicate a component date, and optionally provide a note for staff and/or upload multiple files. When users submit a component, they are taken to the Component page.

By default, users can submit Components for all Community Enabled Component Types (with Community Enabled Component Type Milestone Type Links) even if they are not enrolled in a Program. This behavior can be altered through configuration.

Editing and Deleting Submitted Components


If a component was submitted by the user and is pending approval, users can click to edit the component. Users can then click to cancel their changes and the fields become read only and show the previous values or click to submit their changes and the fields become read only and show the updated values.

When editing a component, users can upload multiple files for the component or delete already uploaded files.


If a component was submitted by the user and is pending approval, users can click to remove a component, and are taken to My Components.

Renewing Program Enrollment

Program Renew Page

On Program Renew, users can review a cash bill cart with a renewal for their enrollment in a program. Program Renew provides details on program products being renewed, any associated costs and users can click a button to add the program renewal to their cart and are taken to checkout to complete the renewal process. If users browse back to Program Renew, the button users click changes to take them directly to checkout, since they've already added the program renewal to their cart.

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