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Recipe - Add Merchandise products on Lightning Store Carousel

This recipe describes how we can add merchandise products on Lightning Store Carousel.

Recipe prep

Ensure Record Tags are added to products and account

While configuring lightning cross sell, ensure that same Record Tags are added to the user account and products to be displayed in the Lightning Carousel.


Follow the below steps to create this recipe.

1. Add the Lightning Carousel to Lightning Store

To see product recommendations in Lightning Store, you need to add a Lightning Carousel on the Lightning Store page. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. From Setup, enter All Sites in Quick Find box and select it.

  2. Click Builder next to the Lightning Community.

  3. On the Experience builder, click Components icon on top right and search for Cross Sell Carousel.

  4. Drag and drop Cross Sell Carousel custom component in any section (preferably footer section) and then click the newly added Cross Sell section.

  5. On the configuration popup that will open in top right corner, enter the following values to set up the lightning carousel.

Data source to be selected for Lightning Store

Ensure the data source is set to default value, which is LightningStoreCarouselDataSource. If you have created a custom data source for specific requirement, select that here.

2. Publishing the Site and Activating the Lightning Community

To see the configured Lightning Carousel in Lightning Community, you must publish the site and activate the community. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Before publishing the site you can preview it by clicking Preview on top right.

  2. Click Back to Builder and publish the site by clicking Publish.

  3. A pop up window will appear. Click Publish.

  4. To activate community, click the icon on top left and select Workspaces from the drop down.

  5. On the page that appears, click Administration.

  6. Verify that the Status is Active. If not, click Activate Community button.

Expected Result

You will get an information message saying you will be alerted with an email when your site is published. It might take 2-3 minutes for the site to be published.

3. Access the newly created Community!

Go to account and login to the Lightning Community.

Quick checklist for configuring Lightning Carousel

The Lightning Carousel will now display on Community Hub, if the following conditions are being met:

  • LightningCrossSell tag is enabled.

  • User permissions are set.

  • Products are marked Self Service enabled.

  • Pages are configured with the carousel lightning web component.

  • Record Tags are added to Related Records tab of product record in Staff View.

A user with Community Hub Login User profile will see products according to the data source selected while configuring the Lightning Carousel.

A Community Hub Guest User will see Lightning Carousel displaying the products sold in last 90 days.

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