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Record List Card Type

The Record List card type displays a field set as a set of labels and fields which are determined by an Apex class. The first field in the field set acts as a record title and is displayed in bold font; it provides distinction between each record in the list. If no data is available, a custom label displays to let constituents know there is no data. If the field set includes fields of the type Text, Text Area, or Text Area (Long) you can display any included HTML content using a card layout, like the DisplayHTML Card Layout.


Administrators can add filters to record list cards that constituents can use to filter the content displayed in Community Hub. Filter options display along the top of the card, and each option can use its own data source, field set, or both, to make each filter unique and customizable. If there are no records returned for a specific filter, a message displays telling constituents there were no results.

Card Type Information

Record List

Card Type Specific Fields

Field NameDescriptionValue
Data SourceName of the Apex class that provides the data needed to display the card.Required
Field SetName of the field set that should display on the card.Required
No Records LabelCustom label to display is there are no records to display on the card.Required
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