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Record Table Card Type

The Record Table card type displays a field set as a table with the field labels as column headings and fields in each row. To display information better on small screens, a table row card displays field labels and field values together, in rows, rather than in a table. Also, if no data is available, a custom label is shown to the user. The fields in this field set can be altered by an administrator at any time.

We recommend that you only use a record table card on a page where the card spans multiple columns, rather than just one. Example: within a custom directory page.

Also, when adding fields to the field set used on a record table card, we recommend you avoid adding fields with long names and also limit the number of fields you add to a maximum of 5, as they can make a table difficult to view.


Administrators can add filters to record table cards that will allow users to filter the content that's shown on them in Community Hub. Filter options are shown along the top of the card, and each option can use it's own data source, field set, or both, to make each filter unique and customizable. If there are no records returned for a specific filter, a message is shown telling users that there were no results.

Card Type Information

Card Component ConstructorRecordTableComponentConstructor
Record Table
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