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Set a Company Manager

Staff can set an individual account to be a manager for an affiliated company account. Once set, the individual can act on behalf of their company in Community Hub, to do things like:

  • Update their company demographic information
  • Manage their company roster and the roster of any child company locations
  • Create, edit, or remove individuals for their company or company locations
  • Create, edit, or remove company locations 
  • Pay off an outstanding company invoice

Company mangers can manage child company locations and individuals under their primarily affiliated company, as well as those under a child company location. Company mangers can manage all affiliations to their company, and below. Thus, if someone is a company manager of a company location, they cannot mange the affiliations for the parent company.

  1. From an account, in the Parent Affiliations or Child Affiliations related lists, click the Affiliation ID value for the affiliation you would like to make primary.
  2. Select Is Company Manager.
  3. Click Save.

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