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Set Conflict Codes for Registration Products

Conflict codes prevent constituents from purchasing two registration products that share the same conflict code during Community Hub event registration. This helps ensure constituents don't submit registration orders with erroneous selections.

The conflict message doesn't immediately appear to constituents in the registration process; they are notified of the conflict when attempting to go to the next step of the registration process.

Common Use Cases

Conflict codes are commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • Enforce a single pass purchase—For an event, if you are offering several event pass options such as "Full Conference," "Thursday Only," or "Friday Only," a conflict code such as "REG" on all these products ensures constituents can only purchase one of the event pass options. In other words, they would not be able to purchase a registration for the full conference and an additional registration for Thursday only.
  • Prevent concurrent session selection—If your event has breakout sessions, you can use conflict codes for sessions that occur at the same time. For example, on day 1 of your event, let's say you have Session A that runs from 9AM - 11AM, Session B that runs from 9AM to 10AM, and Session C that runs from 10AM to 11AM. You can configure conflict codes on the registration products as follows:
    • Session A: DAY1-9AM,DAY1-10AM
    • Session B: Day1-9AM
    • Session C: Day1-10AM

      This lets constituents choose either Session A or a combination of Session B and C. Any other combination will present a message to them informing them of the conflict.

Set Conflict Codes

In this example, two registration products (Pass A and Pass B) represent event passes and are configured to ensure the constituent can't select both of them and proceed in the registration process; they must select only one.

  1. On the Pass A registration product record, In the Conflict Codes field, enter an alphanumeric string such as PASS.

  2. Repeat step 1 for the Pass B registration product record.

    – To set multiple conflict codes for a product, separate each code with a comma. For example, to use the code DAY1-9AM and DAY1-10AM, enter: DAY1-9AM,DAY1-10AM

    – Conflict codes can include letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols. Spaces are considered part of the code. For example, you could use Day 2 or @RoomA.

    – Conflict codes are case sensitive. For example, a product with Conflict Codes set to PASS will not conflict with Pass or pass.

    – Conflict codes do not affect the Staff View order processor; staff can buy conflicting products.

    We recommend using a string that helps identify the purpose of the conflict code. For example, PASS helps identify that products with these codes are an event pass and that only one can be purchased.

    We recommend testing to ensure that you receive a conflict message.

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