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Shopping Cart in Experience Cloud

Make your online sales much smoother and provide members with an even better purchase experience through our new Shopping Cart feature. Built using Salesforce's best practices and the Experience Cloud platform, the user-friendly design of this feature enables your members to add a merchandise product to their shopping cart and manage it with ease and flexibility. As they are browsing the products, they can select the quantity and add the product to their shopping cart from the Product Item Details page and continue shopping.    

Figure 1. Product Item Details with the new 'Add To Cart' and 'Go to Shopping Cart' buttons

The Shopping cart page provides a quick view of all the products that they have added to their cart. They can also remove or change the quantity of the product from the Shopping Cart page prior to completing the checkout process. Providing members to manage their shopping cart with such flexibility can elevate their shopping journey and your association's bottom line.

Figure 2. Shopping Cart


  • Personalized shopping experience for members: An intuitive design and feature-rich e-commerce platform will meet the needs of your members, guests, and others who shop for merchandise products.
  • Easier online sales that could increase your association's profitability: A streamlined sales transaction workflow for your e-commerce platform could result in greater sales profits and repeat purchases.
  • Potential opportunity for cross-promoting your products: Maintaining member loyalty and engagement can be strategized through your product offering. Cross-promoting your association's merchandise products can be achieved much easier through their ability to add different products that relate to one another to their shopping cart.
  • Faster way to build components: Drag-and-drop Lightning Web Components makes it much easier and quicker to develop high-performing functionality without complex code development.
  • Flexibility with Add to Cart button: The override option added to the Add to Cart destination behavior provides an opportunity for Associations to offer a variety of product types right from the Lightning Store.

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Request to be enrolled in a pilot through the "Enroll in a Pilot" section on our NimbleLand Pilots page. Select the Experience Cloud Community Hub option from the Features drop-down.

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