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Spring '21 Maintenance Release

This is a list of every change made in the Spring '21 Maintenance Release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features.

Maintenance Release - Staff View

Maintenance Release - Community Hub

Maintenance Release - Staff View

Added override capability to validation rule for recurring payments

Nimble AMS recurring orders functionality did not allow recurring orders that had an unpaid balance. That is still the default logic but in addition we have now added the option to recur staff selected orders even when they have a balance to be paid off. This option is primarily provided for cases where you want to allow someone to recur their membership even when they have an unpaid balance on their previous membership order, because either you expect them to pay that off later, or you have not yet decided to write it off.  Staff can select the schedules that should recur order and ignore the balance on original order, by checking the Ignore Balance field on the recurring schedule. (AMS-12159)

Fixed an issue impacting the ability to refund an ACH payment in staff view

While performing an ACH refund with BluePay, through the Nimble AMS order process, some users received an Invalid Documentation Type error.  We have corrected this issue and ACH refunds can be processed without issue. (CBBP-140 & CBBP-141)

Maintenance Release - Community Hub

Salesforce is removing support for SLDS classes using BEM Notation with double dashes

To prepare for a Salesforce Summer '21 critical update, we have replaced references to SLDS classes using double dashes. 

The upgrade address the product capabilities. We recommend that you evaluate any customizations for uses of deprecated SLDS classes using double dashes. We'll be reaching out individually to affected customers with direct communication. 

For more information review: BEM Notation with Double Dashes Is Being Deprecated  (NC-6071, AMS-12136)

Resolved browser developer console error

Fixed an error that was appearing in the browser developer console when the WCAG compliance theme is not enabled. (NC-6067)

Checkout Button on Join and Renew Now Correctly Includes Optional Products

Community Hub users billed for a membership faced an issue in renewing membership with optional products. On the Join and Renew page, when a user clicked the Checkout button next to membership options, optional products were not being added to the cart. We have corrected the Checkout button’s logic on Join and Renew page to consider the optional product selection as well. (NC-6043)

Now you can clone Community Hub when setting up multiple Community Hubs without error

Fixed error, SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: CommunityRedirectLink_mdt.Community_r, which was encountered while setting up multiple Community Hubs when choosing to clone the new Community Hub. You can now easily clone a Community Hub without error. (NC-6080) 

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