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Spring '24 Changelog

This is a list of every change made in the Spring '24 Release of Nimble AMS.

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's new?


Coupon discounts can now apply to many Products in a Cart.

When a coupon code associated with a coupon rule that applies to multiple products was used in a cart, only the product with the highest cost was discounted. (Known Issue ID: 126505)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Coupons

Original System Design: The Coupon Rule should have applied to multiple products in a Cart rather than one product or the whole Cart.

Solution: Staff now have a way to explicitly control whether coupon code is applied to all applicable products or only the one with the highest cost. To opt into this feature, please submit a pilot request through NimbleLand and select the "Coupon Improvements" option from the drop-down.

Module(s) impacted: Coupons

Defects Fixed


Self-Service Coupon Codes now apply to Staff View only.

Coupon products not listed as Self-Service enabled should not be processed in the Community Hub checkout as per the Coupon Rules. However, a non-self-service Coupon Code was applied and processed for an Event Registration product via Community Hub checkout. (Known Issue ID: 129485)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Coupons

    • Use Events
    • Use Registrations

Original System Design: If the Coupon Product is Not self-service Enabled, then it should not get applied on the Community Hub during checkout. If used, then the user should receive the error " Sorry Coupon code is not valid". If the Coupon Product is self-service Enabled, then it gets applied during checkout without an error.

Solution: Added a validation rule for Community Hub users to verify the Self-Service capability of a Coupon product at checkout.

Module(s) impacted: Coupons, Events, Registrations

Maximum Character limit established for the card holder name text field.

Entering a stored payment or credit card payment with a large card holder name, of over 50 characters, results in errors due to the character limit of the Payment Gateway for and BluePay. (Known Issue ID: 139412)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Community Hub

    • Use Stored Payment Methods
    • Use
    • Use BluePay

Original System Design: The card holder name text field should have accommodated the Payment Gateway limitation.

Solution: Established a maximum limit of 50 characters for the name text field on the credit card component to match the credit card holder name limitation of payment gateways, and BluePay.

Module(s) impacted:, BluePay, Community Hub, Stored Payment Methods


Queue Process Framework improved.

Credit card payments stopped capturing due to a large volume of Queue Process records which were created by a nightly flexible payment processing job. (Known Issue ID: 134018)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Order Entry

    • Use Batches
    • Use Apex job

Original System Design: The Queue Process records should continue to process when a large volume of records are created.

Solution: Updated the Queue Process framework to handle bulk data.

Module(s) impacted: Order Entry, Batches, Apex job

Event search with over 1,000 active Events now displays error-free.

While creating a Registration Order in Staff View a View State size limit error is displayed in the Order processor, when there are more than 1,000 active events. The Event Search tag is turned on when this error is received. (Known Issue ID: 137723)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Order Entry

    • Use Events

Original System Design: The Event search should display the active events without error.

Solution: Adjusted the query for the specific event in the EventPurchaseEvent class.

Module(s) impacted: Order Entry, Events

Eliminated Apex error encountered with Online Join/Renew.

The Online Join/Online Renew encountered an Apex error when adding membership, Chapter, and Donation products to a Cart. “An Apex error occurred: System.Limit.Exception: NU: Too many SOQL queries: 101.” (Known Issue ID: 137595)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Chapters

    • Use Multi-currency

Original System Design: Online Join/ Online Renew and other products should not encounter Apex errors when adding to a cart.

Solution: Included the CurrencyISO Code to the MTPL product query when Multi-currency is enabled.

Module(s) impacted: Chapters, Mutli-currency

Taxable products are now purchased without error for Community Hub Logged-In Users without an active sales Tax record.

Community Hub Logged-In Users were unable to purchase Orders with Taxable products if their State or Country did not have an active sales Tax record. The Community Hub Logged-In Users received the error: “You must click the calculate shipping and tax button to continue.” The Payment was recorded as AUTH but the Payment was never captured. (Known Issue ID: 137912)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Avalara

    • Use Tax

Original System Design: Community Hub Logged-In Users without an active sales Tax record based on their State or Country should be able to purchase Taxable products without error.

Solution: Added logic to void authorized Cart payments when submitting Carts with invalid Tax.

Module(s) impacted: Avalara Tax

The proration rule start date no longer adjusts to the current date.

When Staff users created an extended membership Order, the Unit Price for the products did not update to $0 by default with the custom membership-order processor. (Known Issue ID: 138364)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Memberships

    • Use Proration Rules

Original System Design: The proration rule should have adjusted the membership from the start date of the membership.

Solution: Updated logic to avoid changing the start date to the current date which allows the proration term to be calculated correctly.

Module(s) impacted: Memberships, Proration Rules

Deferred Revenue Forecast now displays the specified Deferred Schedules.

The Deferred Revenue Forecast was pulling totals for the entire Deferred Revenue Method rather than the specified Deferred Schedule. (Known Issue ID: 138137)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Deferred Revenue

Original System Design: The Deferred Revenue Forecast should only pull in information from the specified Deferred Schedules.

Solution: Updated conditions to retrieve transactions for the given Deferred Schedule only.

Module(s) impacted: Deferred Revenue

Simultaneous Avalara transactions are now all committed.

Orders placed simultaneously from Community Hub would result in only one transaction being committed on the Avalara portal while the remaining transactions maintained a status of uncommitted. (Known Issue ID: 138211)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Avalara Tax

Original System Design: All Avalara transactions submitted simultaneously should result in a committed status on the Avalara portal.

Solution: Updated sharing settings to allow multiple commit transactions for multiple Orders from multiple accounts in a single batch.

Module(s) impacted: Avalara Tax

Avalara transactions are now committed one after the other. 

If 2 Carts are submitted to Avalara, one right after another, the second Order transaction is left in an uncommitted status on the Avalara portal. (Known Issue ID: 136562)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Avalara

Original System Design: Tax transaction status on the Avalara portal should be committed for all Orders submitted simultaneously.

Solution: Added a queue process when committing the transactions on the Avalara portal to allow multiple queue process records at one time.

Module(s) impacted: Avalara

Order API only creates Orders when the product status is active.

Products with a status of inactive were added to an Order when the Order was created using the Order API. (Known Issue ID: 135730)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Order Entry

Original System Design: The Order API should only create Orders when the product status is active.

Solution: Added a status check to prevent Order creation, with the Order API, when the product status is inactive.

Module(s) impacted: Order Entry

Staff users are now able to update the membership start date when the proration rule is applied.

Staff users were unable to manually set the membership start date in the Order Processor for individual and company membership types as well as annual and anniversary renewal types and join and renew stages. (Known Issue ID: 137727)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Memberships

    • Use Proration Rule

Original System Design: Staff users should have the ability to update membership start dates for various membership types manually.

Solution: Added a check to see if the proration rule item is applied to handle the membership date change behavior in the Order Processor. Now, the user can modify the membership start date while placing the Order through Staff View.

Module(s) impacted: Memberships, Proration Rule

Edited Registration Orders now charge Sales Tax consistently.

Sales Tax was not charged when an end user registered themselves or a colleague for an Event and then made edits to the Order. (Known Issue ID: 137449)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Events

Original System Design: Sales Tax should not be removed when editing a Registration Order.

Solution: Updated the Is Taxable property component to validate that the correct tax is applied.

Module(s) impacted: Events

Event Registration Orders are canceled without error.

For Events with required questions, that have the type set as Text, submitted registration Order and a Staff user edits the Event question option from text to a different type, results in the end user receiving an error while trying to cancel the Registration when choosing to "Cancel with fees". (Known Issue ID: 136906)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Events and Event Questions

Original System Design: End users should be able to cancel Registration Orders error-free even with required questions and fees.

Solution: Added a check to avoid the required Event questions when canceling Registrations with fees.

Module(s) impacted: Events

Prorated Membership end dates now advance as per the proration rule.

In Staff View, New Memberships with Proration Rules Show Advanced Start Dates but unchanged End Dates (Known Issue ID: 136604)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Proration

Original System Design: When proration rules advance the term start date, the term end date should advance.

Solution: Updated the Order processor to change the end date field of prorated memberships.

Module(s) impacted: Proration

Cross Sell Carousel displays products with lightning Web Security enabled.

When Lightning Web Security is enabled the Cross Sell Carousel was not displaying products. (Known Issue ID: 137263)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Have Lightning Web Security enabled
    • Use the Cross Sell Carousel

Original System Design: Cross Sell Carousel should display products when Lightning Web Security is enabled.

Solution: Updated the Lightning Store Cross Sell Carousel to display products when Lightning Web security is enabled.

Module(s) impacted: Lightning Web Security, Cross Sell Carousel

Cancel Membership "pick a date" calendar working in cross-browser.

The Cancel Membership date selection in Firefox displayed the date numerically rather than the calendar functionality. (Known Issue ID: 129532)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Cancel Membership
    • Use Firefox Web Browser

Original System Design: The web browser should display the calendar functionality to pick a date.

Solution: Updated the date selection option to calendar within Firefox to display the calendar control pick a date.

Module(s) impacted: Cancel Membership, Firefox

One Payment Void feature now voids credit card payments without error.

When a staff user voids a payment for a credit card from Staff View using the Void Payment/Refund button, the payment is voided but the error message: "The SA value is not defined" is received. (Known Issue ID: 135933)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use One Payment

Original System Design: The payment should be voided without an error message.

Solution: Updated the method of voiding a credit card payment without error on the manage payment custom component.

Module(s) impacted: One Payment


Community Hub

What's new?

See our latest enhancements on the Major Features page.

Defects Fixed


My Registration page renders with future Registration Events. 

The My Registration page errored with an "Attempt to de-reference" message when a future Registration is imported because an Order was not associated with the future Registration. (Known Issue ID: 139858)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Events

    • Use Registrations

Original System Design: The My Registration page should have rendered if the Registration was associated with an Order.

Solution: A validation check ascertains whether an Order is linked to a Registration before rendering the My Registration page.

Module(s) impacted: Events, Registrations

Community Hub users can purchase an Order when the Re-Instate Period feature is utilized.

When using the Re-Instate Period feature, a Community Hub user could not submit an Order with the same Membership Type they had because the user's existing Membership was canceled. (Known Issue ID: 139637)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Memberships

    • Use Re-Instate Period

Original System Design: A Community Hub user with a canceled Membership should have been able to submit an Order with the same Membership Type as their canceled Membership.

Solution: Added a null check so the user can submit an Order from Community Hub.

Module(s) impacted: Memberships, Re-Instate Period


Nimble Query logic updated. 

Staff users encountered an issue when access controls converted the entire query to lowercase when Staff users expected the Salesforce IDs to be hard-coded. This resulted in the query being case-sensitive.  (Known Issue ID- 135790

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Community Hub
    • Use Nimble Query

Original System Design: The query should not be converted to all lowercase characters.

Solution: Updated logic to remove the lowercase call from converting the entire query.

Module(s) impacted: Community Hub, Nimble Query

Now, the Registration cancel button only displays the Bill To end user. 

Registrants, who were registered for an event with the Choose a Colleague function, were not able to cancel the registration although the cancel button was displayed.  (Known Issue ID-137883

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Events
    • Use Registration
    • Use Choose a Colleague

Original System Design: The registration cancel button should only display for the Bill To registrant, not all registrants.

Solution: Now, the Bill To registrants, on the My Registration page, will be checked before rendering the cancel button.

Module(s) impacted: Registration, Events, Choose a Colleague

URL parameters are now retained during the Create New Account process. 

The Create New Account process did not allow more than 1 URL parameter to be processed which caused a page to fail. (Known Issue ID-124549

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Community Hub Setup

Original System Design: Multiple URL parameters should have been retained during the Create New Account process.

Solution: More than 1 parameter is now passed when creating a new account.

Module(s) impacted: Community Hub Setup

CPU time limit error for Logged in user now removed.

Logged-in users with a mixed product type order, such as donations and memberships, received the below CPU time limit error when clicking the Express Pay URL. 

"Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page. Apex CPU time limit exceeded (NC)." (Known Issue ID-136118

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Express Payments
    • Use Community Hub

Original System Design: A mixed product type order for a Logged-in user should not cause an error message with Express Payments.

Solution: Added a check for Recurring not enabled. If it is not the Auto Renew Status button will not render, avoiding additional SOQL queries.

Module(s) impacted: Express Payments

Community Hub account creation successful when duplicate management is specified.

When NC.DatacloudDupeService is specified in Community Hub Settings but there are no active duplicate rules, users creating an account in Community Hub were redirected to the login page.  (Known Issue ID-134700)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Duplicate Management 
    • Use Community Hub

Original System Design: While Duplicate Management is specified but there are no active duplicate rules the Community Hub account creation should not redirect.

Solution: Updated logic to avoid transaction execution failure when the Salesforce duplicate check services throw an exception.

Module(s) impacted: Duplicate Management, Community Hub

Inventory tracking is now error-free.

When a product's "Inventory On Hand" is equal to 1, and an end-user adds the item to the cart and then submits the order without payment, that end user receives the ExpressPay link but experiences an error message; "Sorry, <Merchandise Product> is no longer available. Please remove it from your cart." (Known Issue ID: 135811)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Express Payments
    • Use Community Hub

Original System Design: End users checking out should not receive an error message if the product is available.

Solution: This is resolved by removing an inventory validation check on the Community Hub checkout page.

Module(s) impacted: Express Payment

Community Hub checkout for taxable registration products is now error-free.

In Community Hub after choosing a taxable registration product and navigating to the checkout, the user receives the error message: "An unexpected error occurred while calling the configured Tax Calculator for one or more items below: There was a problem when making a REST API call to Avalara through the SDK. You have uncommitted work pending. Please commit or roll back before calling out." Although this error message is received the user can submit their Cart.  (Known Issue ID-137254)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Advanced Taxation (Avalara)
    • Use Events

Original System Design: The user should be able to add a taxable registration product to their Cart and checkout with no issue.

Solution: Removed a duplicate page load notification.

Module(s) impacted: Advanced Taxation, Events

Seasonal Permission Changes

See the Spring '24 Maintenance Release Permission Changes in the Security section.

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