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Store List Card Type

The Store List card type is used to display a collection of visual cards, each displaying merchandise product information. Each visual card shows a product image, retail price, and–if users are logged in as members–the member price. The card type also contains a field set which is displayed as a collection of read only fields, allowing you to show other Product fields. Each visual card has a button that can be clicked to be taken to the Product page for that product.

If your org has a large number of merchandise products, we recommend adding just a few fields containing a small amount of data to this field set, as too much field data, like a long product description, can exceed Salesforce limits.

The visual cards are shown in groups of ten, so users see a count at the top of the card type showing how many products are being shown out of the total number of products in the selected category, filter, or search results. Once users get to the bottom of the card, they can click to see the next group of ten products.

The products shown on a card of this type can be controlled using a data source. Filters can also be added to a card of this type which adds buttons above the visual card that can be used to filter down the cards shown.

Finally, you can add a card layout to a card of this type with Escape HTML deselected–like the DisplayHTML Card Layout–to show any HTML code contained in the fields.

Card Type Information

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