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Summer '21 Changelog

This is a list of every change made in the Summer '21 release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features.

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's new?

Added override capability to validation rule for recurring payments

Nimble AMS recurring orders functionality did not allow recurring orders that had an unpaid balance. That is still the default logic but in addition we have now added the option to recur staff selected orders even when they have a balance to be paid off. This option is primarily provided for cases where you want to allow someone to recur their membership even when they have an unpaid balance on their previous membership order, because either you expect them to pay that off later, or you have not yet decided to write it off.  Staff can select the schedules that should recur order and ignore the balance on original order, by checking the Ignore Balance field on the recurring schedule. (AMS-12159)

Now you can see expiration month and year on payment record details

After processing a credit card payment through the One Payment wizard, you will now see the expiration month and year on the payment record detail page. (AMS-12064)

Improved ACH payment processing handling to support two-phase authorization and capture.

Previously, we used to charge ACH payment before submitting the order, so it caused issues when the order failed to submit but the payment was still charged. So now it only authorizes the payment before submitting the order, and then the payment will be captured after the order submits. This will help to staff users if something goes wrong, they won't need to manually refund the payment. (AMS-12068)

New Nimble AMS Configuration App

Configuration settings which are typically found in the Nimble AMS package configure area, are now available in the Nimble AMS Configure App.  The new configuration app features a logic-driven display based on settings needed during configuration, providing users with a faster and more intuitive experience.  In-app help text is also available now to provide users with clear settings details.

Defects Fixed

Fixed an issue impacting the ability to refund an ACH payment in staff view

While performing an ACH refund with BluePay, through the Nimble AMS order process, some users received an Invalid Documentation Type error. We have corrected this issue and ACH refunds can be processed without issue. (CBBP-140 & CBBP-141)

Now Cancel Membership pop-up is set to its default end date and refreshes every time

Previously, there was an error observed when we select the past dates on the Cancel Membership pop-up, the selected end dates were not refreshing after closing the pop-up. Now, the Cancel Membership pop-up refreshes every time with the default end date. (AMS-12131)

Resolved intermittent error on Community Hub's express checkout page

Users experienced an intermittent "Index out of bounds: 0" error message on Community Hub's express payment checkout page due to cart items for membership and donation, when the cart item for donation did not contain cart item lines prior to the page being loaded.  After the fix users will no longer encounter this issue on Community Hub's express payment checkout page. (AMS-12172) 

Fixed an issue applying coupons prior to tax calculation with Advanced Taxation enabled

Previously, users were unable to submit orders with coupons through the staff view order processor when using Advanced Taxation.  Now, users will see discounts applied before the tax is calculated with Advanced Taxation enabled. (AMS-12134)

Now update a cancelled membership cart without error

Resolved an error preventing Adjustment Carts from being submitted after using the Cancel All Cart Items link in the Staff View Checkout process. (AMS-12232)

Note: The original issue only impacted orgs with a large number of Imported Membership records that are not linked to orders. 

Clicking the Add Orders button on the One Payment wizard will no longer cause an error, if unpaid orders are not available.

Fixed an error in the One Payment wizard that occurred when clicking the button to add orders when to an account that has no unpaid orders. (AMS-12184)

Deferred schedule dates for Coupon now match the date of Membership on the scheduled forecast

Previously, deferred schedule for coupons was using the scheduled dates set by the frequency on the record. Now, deferred schedule for coupons is using the Membership deferred schedule dates. (AMS-12133)

Now Bulk Billing Membership respects Term Overrides

Fixed an issue preventing Cash Bills for Memberships from utilizing Term Overrides on Membership Type Product Links. (AMS-12228)

Update to Order API for two phase authorization

Previously, ACH payments were not being captured for stored payments. After the fix, the Order API is updated for the two phase authorization when supported by the payment gateway. (AMS-12287)

Bulk Credit Card payments made error free

We have improved the bulk capture of credit card payments to avoid errors due to a large number of SOQL queries being used by Nimble AMS. This will prevent errors when you make credit card payments in bulk. (CBBP-146)

Now add a second chapter by editing an existing order

Resolved an error preventing Chapters products from being added to an existing order. (NAMS-382)

Community Hub

What's new?

Salesforce is removing support for SLDS classes using BEM Notation with double dashes

To prepare for a Salesforce Summer '21 critical update, we have replaced references to SLDS classes using double dashes.

The upgrade addresses the product capabilities. We recommend that you evaluate any customizations for uses of deprecated SLDS classes using double dashes. We have reached out individually to affected customers with direct communication.

For more information review: BEM Notation with Double Dashes Is Being Deprecated  (NC-6071, AMS-12136)

Bold theme text readability improved

We have adjusted the letter spacing of text in bold theme, to make it more readable for you! (NC-6082)

Defects Fixed

Resolved browser developer console error

Fixed an error that was appearing in the browser developer console when the WCAG compliance theme is not enabled. (NC-6067)

Checkout Button on Join and Renew Now Correctly Includes Optional Products

Community Hub users billed for a membership faced an issue in renewing membership with optional products. On the Join and Renew page, when a user clicked the Checkout button next to membership options, optional products were not being added to the cart. We have corrected the Checkout button’s logic on Join and Renew page to consider the optional product selection as well. (NC-6043)

Fixed an issue for Community Hub reset password email

Previously there was an issue with customer orgs that enabled the InsertUserWithForgotPasswordWIN18 tag where members who had not logged into Community Hub before, would not receive the password reset email the first time they attempted to reset their password. After the fix, they will now received the receive the password reset email as expected.

Note: It may take up to several mins to receive the reset password email. 

Now configure and use the reCaptcha card on CH pages hassle free

Previously, there was an issue while submitting the Community Hub’s Create Account page if it was configured to use reCaptcha. After the fix, users can successfully submit the CH pages configured with reCaptcha without error. (NC-6079)

Now you can clone Community Hub when setting up multiple Community Hubs without error

Fixed an error, SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: CommunityRedirectLink_mdt.Community_r, which was encountered while setting up multiple Community Hubs when choosing to clone the new Community Hub. You can now easily clone a Community Hub without error. (NC-6080) 

Schedule A Payment Button is now only displayed on Community Hub’s My Orders page for valid accounts

Previously, the Schedule A Payment button was displaying with an inactive state on the Community Hub My Orders Page even if the user account was not trusted. After the fix, we have ensured that the Schedule A Payment button on the Community Hub My Orders Page displays for only trusted/valid accounts based on an org’s Business Rules. (NC-6068)

Updated error message for not selecting a shipping option while purchasing a taxable and shippable product

An incorrect error message was displayed when the user tried to purchase a taxable and shippable product when a shipping option was not selected. We have fixed this issue to display the correct error message -“Please select shipping option”. (NC-6078)

SOQL query sync improved

Previously, syncing queries would fail if one query had an error. Now, syncing queries can partially succeed, allowing that did not have errors to sync successfully, even if other queries did have errors. (NC-6084)

Fixed CSS styling issue for flow card fields in Community Hub

Previously, there was a CSS styling for flow card fields in Community Hub which caused misalignment of components. We have fixed this issue, now users will see aligned components. (NC-5573)

Autocomplete functionality security fix update

Improved the autocomplete functionality to provide better security for user data. To implement the autocomplete functionality, see Customize the Behavior of a Lookup Field in Community Hub. (NC-6050)

Lightning store no longer displays empty categories or incorrect category product counts

In certain cases, the Lightning store was displaying categories that did not contain any products, or was displaying an incorrect product count for some categories. After the fix, the user will no longer see these empty categories or incorrect product counts. (NC-6083)

Fixed an issue in paying off Company Invoices using Hosted Payment Forms

Previously when a company manager paid for a company invoice using Hosted Payment Forms, the stored payment method was selected by default and the page unexpectedly showed the Proceed to Payment button. After the fix, there are no such issues, and the company manager can submit the order without errors. (NC-6085)

Error in case of mismatched City/State and Zip code improved

Improved the error text in the event of shipping option and zip code not matching the City/State during check out in Community Hub. This will guide the user about what needs to be changed. (NC-6097)

Entity-specific search enhanced with multiple communities

You will see enhanced product search results on Lightning Store that only show the products of the Community Hub (or other entity) which has an Entity Crossover with the portal. This means that the product search function will not generate records of an unrelated entity if the MultipleCommunitiesWIN18 tag is on. In addition, categories will only appear for Community Hub or other related entities. (NC-6111)

Improved usability on the Manage Registration page

Manage Registration page now updated to display a limited number of colleagues per page when using the Register a Colleague functionality. This resolves the MaxViewState error that was seen previously. (NC-6103)


What's New

We are excited to announce the next generation of our Nimble AMS user community.  The new NimbleLand has been updated, using the latest lightning technology and enhanced by Nimble Communities. With improved functionality and a new look, the new NimbleLand is ready for you to collaborate and share ideas with fellow Nimble AMS users.


What's new?

Enter longer Enroll Term and Renew Term on Program Type!

Nimble AMS now allows you to enter a value up to 3 digits in Enroll Term and Renew Term fields on Program Type object. Previously, there was a limit of 2 digits which did not allow users to enter a value greater than 99. (PROG-350)

Defects Fixed

Entity Crossover configuration behavior corrected in the Staff View Order Processor for Programs module

Resolves an issue preventing the staff view order processor from displaying the correct program types for a secondary entity. (PROG-360)

Data Migration Optimization

What's new?

  • Efficiency of Data Migration process has been improved with our Summer 21 release. In this feature, we have added ExecuteMembershipTriggersAsSteps and ExecuteAffiliationTriggerAsSteps Custom Metadata Records in Nimble AMS which, when enabled, improve the speed and efficiency of data being imported to Memberships and Affiliations. These Custom Metadata Records can be enabled by our customer success team upon request.

  • There are 9 new records in Trigger Step Custom Metadata Type which have different trigger steps specific to Membership and Affiliation objects. These can be selectively turned on or off during data migration to reduce processing time while maintaining data integrity.

No Action Required from Customers

This change will affect the data migration team only. Customers need not take any action because of this change.

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