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Looking for help? Here are the ways that you can find answers, solve problems, and reach out.

Contacting the Customer Support Team

If you have a question or think you have found a bug, reach out to the support team directly! You can open a case (external), give us a call at (585) 586-4750, or email us any time


Log into NimbleLand (external) and you will find a community of users. There you can ask questions, learn more about features and releases, and join groups. You can also see and submit cases! Just navigate to the cases tab. 

There are several great groups in you may want to consider joining or asking to join:

  • The Release Readiness Group—Here you will find updates on Seasonal Releases and Patch Versions! This group is great for Administrators
  • Beta and Pilot Groups—These invite only groups, are a place for Product Owners to collaborate with everyone using Beta or Pilot features. If you are using a Beta or Pilot feature, or would like to, and are interested in joining the group please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and request to join the preview channel.

Release Readiness

There are seasonal upgrades three times a year and patch versions to everyone, as necessary. If you want to learn more about our upgrades, join the Release Readiness Group in NimbleLand. During release preview period, you can go to and get a sneak peak of what is coming in the next seasonal release, including the schedule and the new features. The preview of the User Guide is always under construction, so we would love your early feedback. If you see a feature you like, feel free to request to join the preview channel

If you would like to see what is coming in the next patch release check out NimbleLand. We alert everyone when these patches roll out via the Release Readiness Group in NimbleLand. 

For an overview of what is coming in a Seasonal Release, watch your email for an invitation to our Seasonal Release Webinars. In this hour long session, our product team reviews the highlights of what is coming in the next release and helps you prepare. 

Nimble AMS releases are in step with Salesforce; we recommend joining the Release Readiness Group in the Salesforce Success Community. There you will find dates, sneak previews, webinars, and lots of other great resources to prepare for the latest seasonal release from Salesforce. 

It is Salesforce best practice to make sure your Apex tests are always passing in your production org. If they are not, you will not be able to deploy change sets. We will upgrade an org with failing Apex tests and ensure parity of the tests before and after upgrade if there are failures.

Installed Packages

Nimble AMS is more than just one package, as an if you log in to your org and go to Setup and then enter "Installed Packages" in the Quick Find box you will see multiple Nimble AMS packages. When upgrades your org, we often upgrade multiple packages in order to keep it running smoothly. So here is an overview of some of the different packages you may see:

  • Nimble AMS—This is the largest package. It is all of the code for Staff View and the foundation for the other packages that make up a complete solution. 
  • Nimble Communities—Nimble Communities, also called is everything that makes a Nimble Community special. It is the framework we provide for accepting payments in communities, managing memberships, selling merchandise, and much more. 
  • Nimble Programs—This package adds the ability to manage Programs or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in Community Hub and Staff view. 
  • Appeals—This is a small, unmanaged package, that adds the Appeals object and its related fields and functionality. 
  • Accounting—This package adds AR Statements to your implementation of and allows for greater customization of them, Invoices, and Order Confirmations. 
  • Speakers—This small, unmanaged package adds the Speakers Object and its fields to your implementation of Nimble AMS.
  • Metrics—Metrics is a package that helps monitor and manage your licenses, Community Logins, and Data Limits.
  • You may see other packages installed. If you have any questions on the pages, contact your customer support manager.


Sandboxes are a great tool the Lightning Platform provides. They are copies of your production org that you can use for developing and testing new solutions. To see your sandboxes, log in to your org, go to Setup, and search for Sandboxes in the quick find box. The common sandboxes you will see are:

  • Staging—Staging sandboxes are a place for developing and testing new solutions. Every production org should have a production sandbox to try out new workflow, flows, code, and other solutions. 
  • Development—You may do so much development you need a development org. This org is a less polished place for trying out new things, before moving them to staging for testing and training, and then up to production.
  • Upgrade—Upgrade sandboxes are used to test new versions of Nimble AMS in your environment. We refresh these sandboxes before each seasonal release and then upgrade the upgrade sandbox to confirm that everything is still working smoothly.
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