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Tax and Shipping Step

The Tax and Shipping step is the part of the order process seen only when you have a cart item(s) containing taxable or shippable merchandise products. Each cart item with taxable or shippable merchandise products displays the combined weight, shipping cost, tax rate with cost and you can choose and update the sales tax and ship method options for each.

If you have multiple cart items containing taxable or shippable merchandise products, like in the case where you are ordering merchandise sold by your association and foundation, you can click to edit the sales tax and ship method options for each cart item individually.

When the external tax system toggle is on, you can add the total taxable amount field on layout of this page to see the total taxable amount. Total taxable amount is a summation of product price and shipping cost, in case the ship method is taxable.

Editing Tax

External Sales Tax - Enable Calculate Tax button

If the External Sales Tax tag is enabled in Custom Metadata Types, the staff user will get a Calculate Tax button while placing the order, to calculate the taxes. It will be disabled until all the required details like Sales Tax and Shipment Method are linked on the number of order items in the cart wherever it is applicable. To complete all required details, click on the links given to edit shipping and tax. The Calculate Tax button changes to Tax Calculated once the tax has been calculated. 

Expected Result

Once the Sales Tax and Shipment Method for the applicable order items are linked, this button should get enabled.

Also, after making changes to the order item line/shipping address/Sales tax/Ship Method/applied coupons, staff user should click Calculate Tax again. If they click Go To Payment without calculating the tax for changes that are made, the system will not permit them to proceed with the payment until the tax is re-calculated.

Staff can use the "How do you want to tax?" dialog box to override the Sales Tax Name for the sales tax used for the order item.  The tax for a product calculates when the product is added to the cart and the Order Summary area displays the sales tax in the Tax and Shipping field. 

For merchandise product types, the constituent's Shipping Address is used to calculate the sales tax. If the constituent does not have a Shipping Address, the constituent's Billing Address is used to calculate the sales tax. 

External Tax System

In case of External Tax system such as Avalara is  being used, the overall tax rate will be displayed on the order item next to the Tax Amount. The order item will also have details in case of 0% tax rate. Nimble AMS supports tracking tax information for 0% tax rate as well, in case Associations require reports for these. As an example, for fee or education related products which are tax free, such reports maybe required.

If for certain reasons the tax transaction has been locked on the External Tax System, then while editing the order record, the staff user has to make manual adjustments on the tax transaction of the external tax portal. Also, on the related order record, they need to select a value in the field External Tax Transaction Status field as one of the following: 

  • Successful: Default value for newly created orders.
  • Locked: If tax transaction is locked on external tax portal.
  • Needs adjustment: If an order is submitted for a locked tax transaction.
  • Manual adjustment done: If an adjustment is made by the staff user manually.

If External Tax Transaction Status field is not present on the Order page, edit the page (external) and add the field.

The sales tax selected in the "How do you want to tax?" dialog box must be one associated with the same entity as the product(s) in the order item.

Editing Shipping

The "How do you want to ship?" dialog box displays the Shipping Address of the Bill To account for the order, the total price of the order item, and the combined weight of all the merchandise products in the order item.

Selecting the Shipping Method

You can enter the ship method you'd like to use for the order item, or click 

Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, Lookup
 to view and select ship methods you've recently used or search for more.

When choosing a shipping method, you must choose one associated to the same entity as the merchandise product(s) in the order item.

Once a ship method is added, you can adjust the shipping cost manually so you can give discounts, or increase the cost if need be.

Selecting the Shipping Address

By default, the Shipping Address of the Bill To account is selected but you can click you use their Billing AddressMailing Address, or Other Address if they are populated on the account record.

If you clicked to use another address but then changed your mind, you can click to use the Shipping Address again.

You can also enter another address manually by typing it into the address fields.

Country is required if your association uses Level 2 or Level 2 and Level 3 credit card processing. Be sure to use the correct English short name for the country (external).

Finally, you can Save your selections or Cancel to discard them.

External Tax System | Auto Assignment of Sales Tax

When External Sales Tax is being used and multiple sales tax records are added, Nimble AMS will assign the relevant sales tax automatically. For assignment of tax, it uses the shipping or billing address to match the state or country and will give preference as per the below order:

  1. External tax  → State
  2. Manual tax → State
  3. External tax → Country
  4. Manual tax → Country

External Tax System | Shipping Address

For products, if an external tax system is being used for calculating the tax, and both shipping and billing address are not present on the account, Nimble AMS will display a warning that tax will not be calculated and will ask the staff user to update the address. 

Reviewing the Account

If you would like to view more information about the customer for each cart item, you can hover over their name to see some record detail or click to browse to the record for more information.

When you click Go To Payment, you will be taken to the Payment step.

Tax & Shipping Step Page in Internationalization

If you have enabled Salesforce multi-currency, you will start viewing the amount in the Currency ISO Code on all layouts within your org.

The ISO Code that you view on the Tax & Shipping Step page will match with the Currency field value on the Entity that you have selected.

If the logged-in staff users Currency field value does not match with the Currency field value of the Entity record that he is placing an order for, you will also see the approximations displayed within the braces.

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