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YM Careers Integration - Feature Summary

 Beta — The term Beta is a safe harbor statement.  These new feature have been thoroughly tested by may still require some improvements or bug refinement. We will do our best to communicate known limitations, so you can make an informed decision before enabling these features.

For associations that utilize a YM Careers job board, the YM career center solutions integration is a member acquisition tool that feeds constituent information to association staff whenever a nonmember enrolls in the job board as a job seeker or a company posts job listings. Unlike existing job boards, this solution ensures you have visibility and recruitment access to the individual and company data right in Nimble AMS. You can then qualify constituents and market your membership solutions to them in one central place.

What's New?

Automated Lead Creation and Updates

  • Automatically create new leads whenever a new job seeker enrolls or a company posts a new job posting.

  • Data captured in YM Careers is added to leads so you can use Salesforce analytics to understand how to connect with and acquire new members.
  • Keep up to date on any new information having leads automatically updated with new data from YM Careers.

Qualification Path and Journey Automation

  • Use tools like paths to track the journey from lead to member.
  • Create automated processes using process builder to create a rich acquisition journey with limited or no staff involvement.

From Lead to Account

  • Know a person already? Merge their lead with an existing person account.
  • Already have a record for this company? Merge them with an existing company account.
  • Multiple leads for the same individual or company? Merge the leads to bring their data together.
  • Want to keep a sale moving? Create an opportunity as you move toward making the deal.

Keep Moving with Lead Analytics

  • Review duplicate leads using the new report in the new Leads (Nimble AMS) folder:

    All Leads with Duplicate Record Items

    All leads with duplicate record items grouped by duplicate record set.

Learn More

Learn more about the YM Careers Integration.

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