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YM Careers Nimble Fuse Integration

If your association uses YM Careers, you may want to automatically create and update leads for the individuals and companies viewing your job board. This recipe sets up a Nimble Fuse integration with YM Careers which automatically creates new leads and updates existing leads every Sunday at 7 AM.

Recipe Prep

Before completing this recipe, you first need to:

  • Have YM Career Center Solutions Integration installed.
  • Have Nimble Fuse installed.

To make this recipe, you should understand:


You will create the following ingredients in your org to make this recipe:



Integration SettingAn inbound integration for YM Careers which creates lead records.
[multiple]Integration parameters
[no name]Integration Callout WorkerA callout worker that reaches out to YM Careers for new lead information on a weekly basis.
[no name]Integration Response WorkerA response worker that updates existing leads and creates new leads on a weekly basis.


Add new fields to the Lead record page and create an integration setting for the integration

  1. For the Lead object, add the following fields (external) to the Lead Layout page layout:


    Allow Contact
    Career Id
    Has Applied Jobs
    Has Company Profile
    Has Contact Resume
    Has Job Alerts
    Has Job Posting
    Has Resume Subscription
    Is Member
    Joined Date
    Last Login
    Member Number
    Posted Resume
    Primary Affiliation
    Site Name
    User Type
  2. Map the Primary Affiliation lead field to the Primary Affiliation Account field. 

  3. Create the integration:

    1. Create a new callout integration setting with the following values:

      DescriptionAn inbound integration for YM Careers which creates and updates leads.
      Authentication Key

      [unique 256-bit WEP authentication key]

      Logging LevelINFO
    2. Create the following integration parameters:

      AuthEndpointUrl YM Careers endpoint URL


      [your YM Careers account password]The YM Careers password


      [your YM Careers account username]The YM Careers username


      falseEnable this and use it in conjunction with NonMemberListDebugEndDate and NonMemberListDebugStartDate to perform debug tests on the integration.


      [blank]When DebugMode is enabled, to debug the integration for an exact date range, enter the end date. Example: 2018-09-25 00:00:00


      [blank]When DebugMode is enabled, if you want to debug the integration for an exact date range, enter the start date. Example: 2018-09-17 00:00:00

      NonMemberListEndpointUrl YM Careers URL which returns the full list of leads.


      7The number of days worth of leads to request from YM Careers. This must align with the same number of days defined in the schedules used for the callout and response workers to ensure no duplicates are mistakenly created.
      NonMemberListPartnerId[your YM Careers partner ID]Your YM Careers partner ID


      Defines the types of users to return from YM Careers.
    3. Create an integration callout worker with the following values so it requests new leads every Sunday at 7AM of the time zone set on your org:

      Worker Schedule0 0 7 * * 1
      Worker ActiveSelected
    4. Create an integration response worker with the following values so it retrieves new leads a few minutes after the request:

      Worker Schedule0 2 7 * * 1
      Worker Batch Size10
      Worker ActiveSelected
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