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Zoom Integration

The travel expenses and time once required to attend business meetings and events via plane, train, or automobile has become a thing of the past thanks to technology. Introducing Nimble AMS Zoom Integration as your new normal to interact with others face-to-face virtually! Your webinars are managed in Nimble AMS and hosted through the simplicity of Zoom. Our Nimble AMS Zoom Integration will enable your members and other attendees to attend your webinars straight from their couch or other setting.


  • Increased support for webinars: Begin your webinars directly within Nimble AMS. This Nimble AMS Zoom Integration easily syncs your scheduled webinars for your attendees to join.
  • Reduced implementation time: Lower your business expenses through a single product-supported Nimble AMS Zoom Integration that reduces the configuration time to begin using Nimble AMS features. 
  • Bi-directional integration: Receive important data about registration, attendee, and other meeting-related metrics that are mined in Nimble AMS to help you make informed business planning decisions for future events.

Figure 1. How a single Nimble AMS Zoom Integration provides bi-directional information

How to get started?

For more information on enabling the feature, please reach out to our Customer Success Team through a support case.

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