Join or Renew Page

Join or Renew allows a user to join as a member or renew their membership. If users browse to Join or Renew with a cart that contains a membership, the options on the page will be preselected allowing them to see and change any options they desire.

Selecting a Membership Type

By default, Users can select from individual membership types. If a user is a company manger, they additionally see all company membership option

Associations using cash billing might only want to show users the membership type for which they were billed and not allow users to change that. This can be done by updating the ChooseAMembership card to use the MembershipTypeLockRenewalDataSource Data Source.

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Selecting Membership Dues and Additional Options

Once constituents have chosen a membership type, they can select membership dues, as well as additional membership, merchandise, and donation options of differing quantities and amounts depending on how the products are set up.

When creating custom data sources for Membership Products, update the class on the Membership Bundle Components Data Source rather than specifying the name of a different data source on the DuesSelection and AdditionalOptions cards.

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Page Information

Page /apex/joinrenew
Heading Label
Description Label JoinRenewPageDescription

Cards on the Page

Messages on the Page

Cause Label Name
Message Users view Join or Renew when there are no memberships that are set to be visible in Community Hub. NotOfferingOnlineMemberships
Message Users who are not company managers view join or Renew when their company already has a membership. AlreadyHaveCompanyMembership