LWC - Product Grid

Product Grid

A Product Grid is designed to display merchandise and products that are available in your organization.  Items for sale are stored in a unique datasource that is linked to the Product Grid. You can even take advantage of Product Variants to extend your product offerings to constituents.

Product Grid Configuration

Once a Product Grid is added to a Community page, the configuration for the Product Grid component will appear on the right-hand side of the site in Community Builder.

Data Source

Shipped with a default Data Source "Lightning Store Data Source", the product grid is ready out-of-the-box to display active, enabled merchandise products.  Additional Data Sources can be 

created and configured to allow for flexibility in your Community.

Product Details URLThis is the base URL of products to display in your community. This URL is used along with a unique identifier to direct the user to an item specific detail page.
Items Per PageThis allows the Administrator to control the paging of items displayed. It is the maximum number of items to display per page