Merge Person Accounts

Merge Person Accounts allows staff to combine up to three individual accounts while retaining specific account details of their choosing.

How it Works 

Staff can merge multiple accounts in Staff View while viewing and selecting critical account detail for each of the selected accounts. Staff can specify a master record that becomes the single account record for that individual, but can also choose to retain certain details from other selected accounts as needed. Empowering staff to merge individual accounts helps avoid the frustration around deleting accounts while trying to retain important details.

In addition to the standard fields that display when individual accounts are merged, administrators can add additional custom fields. This helps staff identify key fields on each account to ensure they set the proper one on the master record.

Preserving Record History

Related history records, like a membership, affiliations records, standard Salesforce records, like a task, and custom records are all retained when merging multiple individual accounts. History records from the non-master individual account(s) is associated to the master individual account so the individual's full history is retained. Additionally, a task is associated with the master individual account which includes the name and ID of the merged non-master individual account(s).

If you relate an object to the Account using a master-detail field, you must select Reparentable Master Detail. This ensures related records can be retained when merging multiple individual accounts. Learn more about Salesforce Custom Field Types.

Things to Keep In Mind

Limitation Description
Person Account Support

Merging is only supported for individual accounts, termed person accounts.

Number of Accounts Merged

No more than three accounts can be merged at one time.

User Account for Master Record

If the master record has an associated user, the user record will be preserved. Any user records associated with non-master records will be permanently disabled.

Chatter Posts

Posts by staff on non-master records are not preserved. Posts made by non-master users will remain associated with the deactivated account(s).


If staff is following a non-master record, they will not immediately begin following the master record for that individual.

Field History Field history from the non-master record is not preserved.
Shared Field Names

Cannot merge accounts when account fields from multiple packages have the same name.

Record Cannot be Merged

If records are unable to be merged, staff are notified that account information for the non-master account will be lost. They can then choose to continue with the merge or cancel it.

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