Nimble Communities

A Nimble Community


Nimble Communities are a place for associations and their constituents to connect and collaborate.  Associations can create branded communities that bring the association experience right to members finger tips, wherever they are. Customers can take advantage of a wealth of benefits to create a personalized community experience that engages constituents, by leveraging the platform capabilities directly tailored for associations. Communities provide a space where association members can collaborate on content in real time, share files and directly connect with others.


  • Drive stronger connections and increase member loyalty: By encouraging your members to interact, ask questions and collaborate with each other you will build member loyalty, reduce customer service investment and increase long term relationships.
  • One stop shop to ask and answer constituent questions: Communities let constituents find answers themselves, and answer the questions of others. They’re not only a win for  members — they meet your members where they are at online, saving time and reducing service costs.
  • Build a social community presence for your association: Managing a social presence, content, engagement, and workflow all in one place for a digital community geared toward your specific organization's mission and vision.

What are Communities?

What Are Communities?

  • Spaces for your employees and constituents to collaborate and share best practices and knowledge with interested groups.

  • A way to enhance your relationships with members across the association.

  • Offer the potential to reduce training time for staff and constituents.

  • Provides a public face for your organization and a blueprint to represent the mission and vision for your association. 

Value of Nimble Communities


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One of the benefits of Nimble Communities is having personalized content delivered to your constituents/members.

By using personalized feeds you can display current content that matches their interests and show the latest discussion activities.

Customization & Branding

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Customize the look and feel of your community to match your organization with branding sets.

Its easy to create a branding set to apply to the entire community with a few clicks.

User Management

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Streamline the management of community members with both automations and self discovery options that bring the right people to the right groups.

Access anytime, anywhere

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A digital presence is considered an integral part of any modern association offering. 

Let your members contribute and collaborate in your Community with any compatible device.


Nimble Communities comes with several automations to make the management of your community easy.

  • Committees - Automatically create Community Groups for events and automatically add event registrants when they register.
  • Events - Automatically create Community Groups for events and automatically add event registrants when they register.

  • Terms and Conditions – Display a Terms and Conditions page and restrict access to members who agree.

How to get started?

To take advantage of this feature, open a Support Case