Nimble Predictions

Nimble Predictions - Member Lapse Prevention

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a technology of tomorrow for associations.  Using Nimble AMS and Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder, associations can now leverage artificial intelligence to predict which members are most likely to lapse their membership.  Our Member Lapse Prediction solution can help reduce staff time by using the power of artificial intelligence to identify and highlight high risk members and avoid costly, time intensive analysis.  Staff will spend less time researching member retention problems and instead focus on actions to increasing retention. 

Nimble Predictions


Know More, Guess Less

Predict which memberships will lapse, and make educated predictions using Einstein Prediction Builder in Nimble AMS.

Anticipate Customer Behavior

Plan strategies for membership lapses in advance using Nimble Predictions to create dashboards to evaluate membership lapse behavior.

Reduce Staff Time

Use the insights gathered from our Membership Lapse Prediction solution to create follow up actions, workflows, and automate processes dedicated to membership lapse prevention, saving staff valuable time, without requiring a data science degree.

Retain Members

Retain members and build confidence in your association membership retention strategy. Nimble predictions make it easier for associations to increase member retention by targeting high risk memberships.