Point of Sale


Nimble AMS's Point of Sale feature, along with Hosted Payment Forms support, gives associations a secure and simple way to use a credit card scanner to accept credit card payments at conferences or events. If a staff user is onsite at a conference or event, they can accept credit or debit card payments with a card reader directly from Nimble AMS’s Hosted Payment Forms. As payment by card is quick, it prevents the hassle of long queues of customers. Also, it instills confidence in customers and improves brand image.

Augusta Device for EMV processing


  • Easy to set upPoint of sale is quick and easy to enable, with simple options to set it for select users when they need it.
  • Simple interface for processing payments: We've made it simple for staff to accept card payments while on site at conferences and other locations
  • Quick and easy customer experience: Your customers can simply swipe their card to pay, and be on their way
  • Configure for events or other time based activities: We've added a new Business Rule which the association can use to configure user permissions as required. 

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