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On the Product Details page, users can see details on a merchandise product such as its name, a large image, a full product description (including HTML content), retail price, and–if users are logged in as members–the member price. You can also add additional fields to the card on this page to show more information. Users can change the quantity of the product and add it to their cart. A message is shown letting them know that the product has been added.If your Org is enabled with Cross-Sell feature, a carousel is displayed at the bottom of the page that shows CH enabled merchandise products with tags in common to the product being viewed.

The carousel displays related products in a group of four at one instance and if there are more than four related products, the carousel auto-scrolls to show the additional products or the user can manually scroll to view them. Constituents can see the image and title of the related products and if they are interested in buying the product, they can click the product to view the product details and add it to the cart.

An administrator can configure the card on this page to show the required number of related products and also turn on/off the auto-scroll feature. Also, he can filter the products to be displayed on the carousel, based on the product type.

Viewing Product Price in Preferred Currency

As of Nimble AMS Winter '20 release, if your Org is enabled with Internationalization feature, and currencies are added for the logged in CH user, the user can select their preferred currency from a drop down on top right. The price of the product will then be visible in preferred currency of the user. 

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Product Details
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