Advanced Taxation


Nimble AMS provides the Advanced Taxation feature which aims to support various domestic tax levels (state, district, county, and local) as well as international tax levels (Canadian taxation, VAT, GST, PST, etc.).

The Advanced Taxation feature will use order details from Nimble AMS and an external tax system to calculate the accurate tax based on all guidelines for US and other countries, hence ensuring compliance. Also, very less manual intervention will be required to maintain taxes for every permutation and combination of tax, which will take into account product types, tax types and jurisdictions. Process will be streamlined to a large extent as any update in order will automatically recalculate the taxes.

The error free taxation reports will ensure that checks by state and federal officials go smoothly. Also, the work of accounting staff will be more structured and efficient.

What's New?

  • Four new fields have been added in Shipment section of Entity
    • Ship From Street 
    • Ship From State 
    • Ship From City  
    • Ship From Country

Ship From Location in Events

The Ship From Address in Events will be the event location.

  • We have added a new tag of External Sales Tax has been added on AMS side.
  • For creating a Sales Tax, we have added two record types: Manual and External so that, third party tax computation providers can be integrated with Nimble AMS by selecting External.
  • We have also added the Calculate Tax button which will be displayed to the staff user while placing the order when the External Sales Tax tag is enabled.
  • A new field - Tax Code is added in Product and Ship Method object so that you can set the tax applicable to the Product and Ship Method respectively.

Tax Code and Avalara

In Nimble AMS, as of Winter '20 release, the staff user can select a value from the Tax Code drop down on Product page to define which tax will apply to the product. In Avalara, a third party tax computation portal, the administrator can map Tax Codes with Item Codes. See Adding Tax Codes to learn more. 

  • We have also added a Taxable checkbox in the Ship Method object, so that you can mark the ship method as taxable.

This Feature Is in Pilot

This feature is in Pilot

Please note this feature is in Pilot. To enable this feature submit a PoP request through the Customer Success Team.