This is a list of every change made in the Spring '20 release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to Major Features.


Can I get a change early?

If you see a change for the upcoming release and it is something you just can't wait to have, contact Nimble AMS Support to see if it can get added to a patch that is deployed to your org prior to the major release.

You should also consider joining our Preview Channel to be on the cutting edge of our new features and receive them early. Contact your Client Success rep to learn more.

What do the different groupings mean (Added, Changed, etc.)?

Each change is grouped by type:

    • Added for new features.
    • Changed for updates to existing features.*
    • Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.
    • Removed for now removed features.
    • Fixed for bug fixes.
    • Security for permission changes and security improvements.

*Sometimes this is a new feature that improves upon and deprecates an older feature.

When does my org get upgraded?

Our Nimble AMS team always upgrades your org to the next major release. You are never left behind! Join the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand to get notified when major releases are scheduled to be deployed to your org.

Spring '20

Release Date: February, 2020

What's Changed

Staff view

Create "Membership Cancelled" Business Event (AMS-11089).

Operational improvements were made to the Installment plan on the order page (AMS-11076).

Ability to Deactivate Packaged Business Events was introduced (AMS-11068).

Error checking investigation was completed and improvements implemented (AMS-11011).

Formula improvements were made to the status field on the Membership object in Staff View (AMS-11010).

Tag List Component was updated so it can now be used in Flow (AMS-10433).

A defect with Subscription Deferral for Deferred Revenue was fixed to respect the All On Start Date configuration option on the Recognition field (AMS-11234).

Logic was improved to handle the number of SOQL Queries when submitting an Order in Community Hub (AMS-11147).

Logic improvements were made to the recurring schedule payment modal (AMS-11133).

The url for redirecting to Bluepay Hosted Payment was updated (AMS-11129).

Improvements were made to the Order Confirmation Queue Process in cases where the Job sends more than 50 emails (AMS-1110).

An error was resolved with the Tax Calculator for schedule processing for Orders with a Taxable Product (AMS-11104).

Redirection logic was improved for users creating a Stored Payment method with Hosted Checkout enabled (AMS-11096).

The url for loading Save Payments on the Community Hub side was updated (AMS-11095).

Logic for eCheck payments was fixed for the Payment Processor (AMS-11094).

A defect was fixed with the schedule logic for installment payments for newly created orders (AMS-11076).

Redirection logic was developed for the schedule payment and recurring payment modal for Save Payment on Checkout (AMS-11072).

Processing improvements were made to the Tax field for orders with coupons applied (AMS-11042).

Logic improvements were made so that the Adjustment Entity defaults to the order's entity (AMS-11033).

Handling was improved for Account Updater events (AMS-11024).

Data processing for refunds was fixed between the Payment Processor and the BluePay portal (AMS-11021).

The ability to process schedules not in the initial processor job batch was introduced (AMS-11008).

For the Lightning Component Related Record Preview, Membership Type and Event objects are now listed as related records (AMS-10976).

Improvements were made to the Order Tax and Shipping Page so that the correct tax is calculated which is not dependent on a shipping address being entered on the Account (AMS-10952).

Schedule payments now work when the External Sales Tax Toggle is on (AMS-10934).

Content for the error message under New Stored Payment Method was updated (AMS-10855).

Cart failure was resolved for those editing payments after submission using advanced taxation and payment transfer (AMS-10810).

A UI issue with a payment modal was fixed (AMS-10805).

It was made possible to update tax after appying a coupon (AMS-11067).

Improvements were made to remove error message before loading the card details form on schedule payment modal (AMS-11258).

HTML tag was removed from information message of security code (AMS-11180).

Improvements were made so that hosted experience for saving payments can render back to the schedule or recurring payment modal on Community Hub (AMS-11161).

Improvements were made to page refresh in the schedule payment modal for Hosted Payments (AMS-11137).

Error displayed before loading card details on scheduled payment modal was removed (AMS-11093).

Community hub view

Parameter processing was expanded for Dynamic Flow in Community Hub (NC-5473).

Query improvements were made to the Community Hub Setup App (NC-5462).

Logic improvements were made to Cart / Tax for changes (NC-5304).

Searching capability for colleagues was introduced during registration (NC-5302).

Support was introduced for HTML Tags in Community Hub Help Text and Custom Labels (NC-5270).

Logic improvements were made for better identification of Stored Payment Methods under company recurring schedules (NC-5170).

Express Pay Orders with Coupons is now supported (NC-5072).

Customer can now enable matching rules/duplicate rules to apply to accounts created in Community Hub (NC-4590).

Process improvements were made to the Billing address cart for purchases of non-taxable and non-shippable Membership (NC-5557).

User interface configuration was enhanced with respect to the Product Grid Carousel Layout for the Lightning Store (NC-5409).

Logic was added to support save payments functionality (NC-5489).

Operational improvements were made to the Dynamic Flow Button in Community Hub (NC-5622).

User Interface improvements were made to the Schedule Payments modal (NC-5610)

Process and field improvements were made to the Order processor for Billing and Shipping (NC-5601).

Duplicate SOQL Queries were eliminated for users clicking the sync button on the Queries Tab in Object Manager (NC-5597).

A process defect around the billing address was fixed with operational improvements to the Order process (NC-5589).

A defect with selecting different payment methods on checkout was fixed (NC-5587).

Configuration improvements were made to the schedule payment modal (NC-5583).

Logic was improved to fix a defect with referencing other product types in the Cross-Sell carousel (NC-5562).

A process fix was introduced allowing styling to be updated for Community Hub (NC-5561).

Logic was fixed for products and coupons on the Community Hub Checkout Page. The original bug for removing a coupon was fixed (NC-5548).

Process improvements were made so that the Express Payment Cart Page now displays for taxable products (NC-5535).

UI  was improved for Managed Cards in Community Hub with reference to the Save for Future Use option (NC-5513).

A payment processing error with the billing address for express payment was resolved (NC-5489).

A business rule was fixed to allow users not to select self-service for Express Pay (NC-5485).

Improvements were made to the Order Submissions process for taxable Donations (NC-5448).

Logic was improved for the LWC Product Details component (NC-5428).

A bug was fixed where the Cross-Sell Carousel was not appearing on the MyCheckout page when Registration Products were in the cart (NC-5277).

Permissions for page layouts were reviewed and a filter was created for Company schedules for the My Scheduled Payments page (NC-5206).

Flow improvements were made for individuals with Company Membership by overriding the button rendering logic for renewals (NC-5169).

Improvements were made so that coupon can be applied on tax amount (NC-5551).

Improvements were made to the error shown when schedule lines fail to process (NC-5009).

Improvements were made so that tax amount is not removed when user changes the state of billing address from taxable to non-taxable state (NC-5534).

Exception shown on deleting a product from cart having multiple products was removed (NC-5596).

Exception shown on updating product quantity on checkout was removed (NC-5522).

Two scroll bars on schedule payments pop up were reduced to one (NC-5610).

Failure in loading installment plan after created Stored Payment Method from Schedule Payment Modal was removed (NC-5623).

Improvements were made so that schedule payment popup can be opened even if a stored payment method does not exist (NC-5583).


As part of each seasonal release, we update four custom user profiles (and one permission set) that ship with the Nimble AMS product. If you have cloned any of the profiles (most often the Nimble AMS Standard profile), you may wish to include some or all of these new permission grants into your own custom user profiles, so that your staff can access new capabilities. 

Supplemental Packages

As part of the Spring '20 seasonal upgrade, we updated several of our supplemental packages in Nimble AMS staging sandboxes, which are installed for all or many of our subscribers. 

  • Supplemental packages for Group 1 Staging was upgraded on Sunday January 19 at 9 PM EST.
  • Supplemental packages for Group 2 Staging was upgraded on Tuesday January 21 at 9 PM EST.
  • Production upgrades will occur with Nimble AMS on February 18 and February 25 at 5 AM EST. 

During any product upgrade, user acceptance testing in staging is encouraged as a best practice. 


  • Only subscribers who have a prior version of these packages will be upgraded.
  • If you do not already have a packages installed, then that package will not updated. 
  • If you do not have a package installed, and would like to know more, please contact your Customer Success representative.
  • To determine which packages are installed in an org, please review the "Installed Packages" on the Setup menu. 

BluePay SDK (v1.22) and BluePay PlugIn (v1.11)

  • CVC Codes can now be required. 
  • Better support for partial refunds, hosted checkout, and stored payments. 
  • Avoid potential Divide by Zero error during credit card processing. 

Data Protection and Privacy (v1.12)

  • Anonymizing accounts when Nimble Programs is installed is now supported. 
  • Anonymizing the PersonEmail field is now supported. 
  • new unpackaged Permission Set (DataPrivacyAndProtectionAdmin2) must be assigned to users running the anonymization task, in addition to the permset provided in the managed package. 
    • This second permset is being deployed on request and assigned to current users of the managed permission set (DataPrivacyAndProtectionAdmin). 
      • Before we can deploy the second permission set, a local administrator must update the org's User Interface settings. 
        • See "Enable Delete of Field History and Field History Archive" in Salesforce Help.
      • After the User Interface permission is set, please file a Nimble AMS support case to deploy and assign the additional permission set.

Nimble Programs (v2.4)

  • Auto enroll components upon Program cancellation are now rejected to avoid duplicate assignment of components during future enrollments
  • Support for the Order API. 

Nimble Create (v2.5)

  • Nimble Create was formerly known as Nimble Templating. 
  • Nimble Create subscribers using version 1.19.2 or later will be upgraded automatically.
  • Nimble Create subscribers using version 1.19.0 or earlier of Nimble Create can be upgraded on request.
    • Please file a support case to schedule the upgrade.
    • User acceptance testing in staging is strongly recommended before upgrading production from an earlier version of Nimble Create.


  • A new Lightning component named Template Viewer is available for orgs using Nimble Create that empowers administrators to easily add Nimble Create templates to any Lightning page.
  • When a template is affected by sanitizing HTML, a  side-by-side view shows the alterations and offers options to Save or Cancel.
  • Line breaks are now supported when rendering templates.
  • New WYSIWYG editor icons sre more memorable and better representative of their purpose.
  • The ITemplateData interface allow overrides so developers can create their own TemplateData class.
  • Users of Lightning Experience can quickly preview Nimble Create templates, passing in variable data as needed.
  • Date and Datetime parameters are now supported. 
  • Improved the performance of Create Templates by pre-processing render panels.