About our Changelogs

Our Changelogs will always provide a list of every change that was made in the current release and previous ones. To access our changelogs, visit the site menu and click on the link for the particular season that you're interested in reading. 

Other release-related information

Major Releases, Release Readiness Communications, and Security are other aspects of our releases that we will provide.

Major Releases

Our Nimble AMS team always upgrades your org to the next major release to ensure that you are never left behind. For the latest release, you can view a list of our Major Features

Release Readiness Communications

To receive a notification when major releases are scheduled to be deployed to your org, then access NimbleLand to join the Release Readiness (external) group. 


As part of each seasonal release, we update four custom user profiles (and one permission set) that ship with the Nimble AMS product. If you have cloned any of the profiles (most often the Nimble AMS Standard profile), then you may wish to include some or all of these new permission grants into your own custom user profiles for your staff to access new capabilities.