This is a list of every change made in every release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to Major Features.


Can I get a change early?

If you see a change for the upcoming release and it is something you just can't wait to have, contact Nimble AMS Support to see if it can get added to a patch that is deployed to your org prior to the major release.

You should also consider joining our Preview Channel to be on the cutting edge of our new features and receive them early. Contact your Client Success rep to learn more.

What do the different groupings mean (Added, Changed, etc.)?

Each change is grouped by type:

    • Added for new features.
    • Changed for updates to existing features.*
    • Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.
    • Removed for now removed features.
    • Fixed for bug fixes.
    • Security for permission changes and security improvements.

*Sometimes this is a new feature that improves upon and deprecates an older feature.

When does my org get upgraded?

Our Nimble AMS team always upgrades your org to the next major release. You are never left behind! Join the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand to get notified when major releases are scheduled to be deployed to your org.

Spring '19

Release Date: February 19 (Group 1) and February 26 (Group 2)


Community Hub Support for Customer Community Plus License (NC-4828) COMMUNITY HUB

As of Spring '19, Community Hub supports the Customer Community Plus license, which is a community license that grants additional abilities in Salesforce communities such as reports, dashboards, and advanced sharing. If your org has Customer Community Plus licenses, you can configure Community Hub to accommodate this license type. Learn how to Configure Customer Community Plus Licenses for Community Hub.

Add Business Rule to allow non-Self Service Enabled products in Express Pay (NC-4884) COMMUNITY HUB

A new business rule named Allow Self Service Disabled For Express has been added. When an evaluation for this rule is added and it references the TrueEvaluator Apex class, this allows constituents to purchase "hidden" products via Express Pay in Community Hub (i.e., products where Self Service Enabled is false). The steps to Enable Express Payment has been updated to include this optional step.

Exclude recurring memberships from the bulk cash billing process (AMS-10062) STAFF VIEW

A new Exclude From Billing checkbox field has been added to the Membership object. It is automatically set to true for memberships that will automatically renew/recur, and false for memberships that are not set to automatically renew/recur. We also made changes to the Cash Billing functionality to ensure that it excludes memberships where Exclude From Billing is true.

Exclude recurring memberships from the bulk cash billing process (AMS-10062) STAFF VIEW

A new Exclude From Billing checkbox field has been added to the Membership object. It is automatically set to true for memberships that will automatically renew/recur, and false for memberships that are not set to automatically renew/recur. We also made changes to the Cash Billing functionality to ensure that it excludes memberships where Exclude From Billing is true.

Add new card layout "Display HTML With Buttons On Separate Row " for rendering HTML (NC-4805) COMMUNITY HUB

Nimble AMS cards that included hyperlink formula fields on the My Registrations page would not display correctly with the prior card layout. Packaged cards can be cloned and now can be set to use the Display HTML With Buttons On Separate Row card layout to provide functional links, such as links to other systems.

New Template Viewer Lightning Component to add Nimble Create Templates to Lightning Pages (NUTPL-119) STAFF VIEW

A new Lightning component named Template Viewer is available for orgs using Nimble Create that empowers administrators to easily add Nimble Create templates to any Lightning page. Learn more.

New ways to defer subscription revenue (AMS-9726) STAFF VIEW

You can now define the occurrence, length, and number of revenue recognitions for your subscription products. This can be handy when aligning your processes with FASB accounting standards. Learn more about About FASB Regulations and Using New Deferred Revenue Functionality introduced in Spring '19.

New NimbleLand component on Lightning Home Page (AMS-9708) STAFF VIEW

To make it easy to go to NimbleLand in Lightning Experience, a component was added to the Nimble AMS Home Page. Learn how to Enable Lightning Experience in Nimble AMS or visit NimbleLand (external).

Set a Membership to not Renew in Cash Billing (AMS-9650) STAFF VIEW

Staff can now select Exclude From Billing on a membership to ensure the membership is not renewed as part of the next cash billing. Learn more about Bulk Billing.

Create a new "Auto-Renew" button to be placed on the Membership card of the checkout page (NC-4765)  COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, we've added an Auto-Renewing drop-down on the My checkout page that helps the users to auto-renew the membership if they wish to. User can select the Change to Not Renew from the Auto-Renewing drop-down for one time membership or select the Configure Auto-Renew Frequency to renew the membership at predefined frequency. They can then select the payment Method to pay for the auto-renewable membership.

My Orders page can now display all orders (NC-4730)  COMMUNITY HUB

The My Orders page can now be enhanced to display all of a constituents orders; with or without outstanding balances. Learn more about the My Orders Page and how to Enable the Enhanced My Orders Experience.

Personal Snapshot supports individual memberships, company memberships, or both (NC-4682) COMMUNITY HUB

The Snapshot Individual Membership card and Snapshot Company Membership card have been added to replace the Snapshot Membership card. You can add one or both of these cards to the Personal Snapshot page so you can provide your constituents individual memberships, company memberships; or both. Learn more about the Personal Snapshot Page and how to Configure Individual and Company Membership Information on the Personal Snapshot Page.


Add Payment Profile External ID field in BluePay Migration Utility Preview (CBBP-88) STAFF VIEW

When using the BluePay Migration Utility, it now displays the Payment Profile External ID(s). This provides more consistency when reconciling the data in the preview with the data in the uploaded CSV file.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 11.19.17.png

Add message in Community Hub when paying off a schedule fails (NC-4805)  COMMUNITY HUB

When the pay-off of an installment schedule fails, it now notifies the constituent that the transaction failed and prompts them to try again. Previously, it redirected the constituent to the order summary page with no message of the failure.

Improve checkout submission time by caching requests to CartService to reduce number of queries (NC-4890) STAFF VIEW COMMUNITY HUB

We eliminated about 20 redundant SOQL queries from the checkout page load cycle, making cart submissions process much faster. This was accomplished by aggressively caching duplicate calls to the selector layer and centralizing their calls into a service-layer method.

Join button no longer displays when there are no self-service enabled membership type product links (NC-4919) COMMUNITY HUB

If there are no self-service enabled membership type product links (MTPLs) for the Join stage, the Join button was visible on the snapshot membership card. This would allow constituents to proceed only to eventually reach a There are no enabled products configured for the requested Id and stage error message. The error message is correct but suppressing the button now prevents them from going down a path that isn't possible in the first place, making for a better user experience.

View the Accrual Dues Detail Report in Lightning Experience (AMS-9686) STAFF VIEW

The View Detail Report link when running an accrual bulk billing now opens the report in a new tab when using Lightning Experience. Learn how to Enable Lightning Experience in Nimble AMS(external).

Import Transaction Date and Unit Price Data From an External System into Nimble AMS (AMS-9616) STAFF VIEW

The formula for the Transaction Date and Unit Price fields on several objects have been enhanced for greater data imports from a legacy system into Nimble AMS. The External Transaction Date and External Unit Price fields have been added, and when populated via a data import, the Transaction Date and Unit Price fields automatically populate with the imported values. These fields have been updated on the Coupon, Donation, Membership, Merchandise, Miscellaneous, Registration, and Subscription objects.

Clearer Messaging When Selecting Registration Type (NC-4673) COMMUNITY HUB

On the Choose Registration Type page, when constituents are registering themselves, they'll see the message: "I Will be Attending As..." and will see "[colleague's name] Will be Attending As..." when registering a colleague. Learn more about the Choose Registration Type Page.

Improve alignment on Product Details page and card so field set text aligns with the price and quantity text (NC-4481) COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, we've improved the text alignment of the Product Details card, which is displayed on the Store List page and the Product Details page. Specifically, the value of the price and quantity fields are now right-justified to line up with the values of fields displayed in the field set.



Update Execute Asynchronous Flowdown on Nimble AMS package Configure page to process multiple records (AMS-9996) STAFF VIEW

The Asynchronous Flowdown execution for membership and address information is updated to ensure that all the records in the queue are processed instead of processing only one record after the Execute button is clicked; the button logic is updated to trigger the batch operation when there are multiple records to be processed. This change affects the AsyncMembershipFlowdown class.

Better alignment of button menus on Record Table cards (NC-3781) COMMUNITY HUB

We've improved the way button menus appear when expanded from record table cards. Learn more about the Record Table Card Type and button menus.


Community Hub Button Menu Alignment Fix Before


Community Hub Button Menu Alignment Fix After

Improve Scheduled Payments modal to warn about validation failures preemptively (AMS-9929) COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, we've improved the Schedule Payment modal to display, "The Start Date should be before the End Date" to constituents when the Start date's value is after the End date's value.

Display user-friendly message when performing actions from My Scheduled Payments page (NC-4795) COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, we've improved the Scheduled Payments confirmation message to clearly inform the constituent what action they are about to do. Instead of "Are you sure?" the improved message is now: "Would you like to proceed with the payment?"

Improve sorting of My Scheduled Payments card to take into account failed scheduled lines (NC-4833) COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, we've improved the sorting of scheduled payments on My Scheduled Payments card to ensure that the payment lines are sorted by nearest to the current date first, followed by the payments created in ascending order (newest at the last).

Canceled Schedule payment lightning flow label accuracy (AMS-9934) STAFF VIEW

We've improved the Canceled Scheduled Payments message (in red text) on the Account notifications payment flow. Previously, when it was configured to show canceled schedules with a certain number of "Days to Include" component, it wasn't clear that the original processing date could be in the future, since the "Days to Include" looks forward and backward in time. The new message is: "The following payments are canceled and would have processed within (X) days of today:" where X represents the number of days before or after today's date.


Deprecate TransactionGenerator1 (AMS-10081) STAFF VIEW

Since TransactionGenerator1 is no longer used, the feature toggle has been removed. Only TransactionGenerator2 is used.

Deprecate the NC Collect Badge field on the Event object (NC-4629) STAFF VIEW

In Winter '19, we introduced the ability to Enable Staff View Order Process to Use "Collect Badge" Field which uses a new Collect Badge field (NU). To make it easier to utilize this feature, in Spring '19 we have deprecated the legacy Collect Badge field and automatically migrated the value of the legacy field over to the new field for your event records. You should still follow the steps to Enable Staff View Order Process to Use "Collect Badge" Field if you want to use the feature but you don't need to worry about migrating the field values over from the old field to the new field.


App Launcher Removed from the Lightning Home Page (AMS-9849) STAFF VIEW

To cut down on bloat in the home page in Lightning Experience, the App Launcher component has been removed. The App Launcher is always one click away in the header anyway. Learn more about home and the app launcher.


If a fix has a PATCH  label then it means that it was part of a minor release of Nimble AMS. Minor releases are made in between major (seasonal) releases. With patches, we get the changes out to you as soon as possible so you didn't have to wait until the next major release. Our goal is to keep your association nimble. To learn when we released these patches, go to the Release Readiness group in NimbleLand.

BluePay Migration Utility no longer fails if some of the External IDs are invalid (CBBP-87) STAFF VIEW

The BluePay Migration Utility was updated to better handle errors and not fail when an External ID doesn't exist. Previously, the entire migration would fail if even just one External ID was incorrect. Specifically:

    • When errors are thrown from the server-side controller, they are now presented to the user instead of being hidden. It reports back the problematic External IDs and these errors don't prevent other payment profiles from migrating successfully.
    • If an External ID was already migrated previously, the payment profile is not migrated again. This prevents duplicate External Payment Profiles on subsequent migration attempts. This conveniently allows the user to fix the problematic External IDs and re-attempt the migration without having to parse out the payment profiles that succeeded in the initial migration attempt.

Pay Off option no longer removed for schedule lines in an installment payment schedule (NC-4821) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NC 20.1.0

If an installment schedule line was paid off ahead of time in Community Hub, any subsequent payoff attempts were not possible because the ellipses button was no longer there. Now, the ellipses button persists so subsequent payoffs can be made.

Allow selecting today's date in Schedule Payment modal (AMS-10134) STAFF VIEW COMMUNITY HUB

We added new CSS for the date picker in the Schedule Payments modal to allow today's date to be selected without any validation errors.

When an installment payment payoff fails, revert back to the original status and amounts of the schedule lines (AMS-10128) STAFF VIEW COMMUNITY HUB

A quick background: when an installment payment pay-off is made, all of the future installment payments are canceled, and a single schedule line reflects the remaining balance, and then a single payment is made so Nimble AMS doesn't bombard the payment gateway with multiple payment attempts.

This fix handles situations where that installment payment pay-off failed. Before, the installment payments were never reverted to their original amounts and statuses after failure, leaving the installment schedule in a state that required a full pay-off. Now, Nimble AMS correctly falls back to the original state of the installment payments should the user change their mind about doing a pay-off. In other words, if the payoff fails, they can easily back out and the installment schedule is back to its original schedule.

Advanced Merchandise Product Listing page presents correct Price Class (AMS-10121) STAFF VIEW

To ensure consistency between the legacy merchandise product listing page (in the order process) and the the new Advanced Merchandise Product Listing page, the new page now passes in the same list of products to the Pricing Manager extensions as the legacy page did. This fixes issues where the incorrect price class would sometimes be the default price class when products were present in the Recently Purchased list. This change affects the OrderPurchaseBase and OrderPurchaseMerchandiseController classes.

Fix Card Rendering in Community Hub Setup when there are two pages with the same URL (Multiple Community Hubs) (NC-4906) STAFF VIEWPATCH: NC 20.1.0

When there were two pages that had the same URL (such as for multiple Community Hubs), the Pages tab of Community Hub Setup used to display cards from the wrong page. Specifically, when editing the second Community Hub's page, it used to incorrectly display all the cards that are on the first Community Hub's page. Removing a card didn't work and adding another card added it to the first Community Hub's page instead. We have fixed these issues.

"Recently Purchased" section in order process now excludes inactive products (AMS-10155) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 21.1.0

We’ve fixed an issue to ensure that the product(s) with an Inactive Status does not appear under the Recently Purchased list and staff will not be able to process an order for them.

Ability to delete a stored payment method attached to a canceled scheduled payment (AMS-10074) STAFF VIEW

When staff tried to delete a stored payment method associated to a scheduled payment that has since been canceled, they were unable to. They can now delete stored payment methods associated exclusively with canceled schedules. Stored payment methods are still (correctly) prevented from deletion if they are associated with ongoing or failed schedules. For the sake fo completeness: stored payment methods associated with finished schedules can also be deleted but this has always been the case.

Resolved internal server error message when constituent pays later for an installment payment (AMS-10100)  COMMUNITY HUB

We fixed an issue that could appear when constituents tried to make an installment payment in Community Hub. The issue was coming from the AMS side (server side) and the error was of the form "Error: Error message: An internal server error has occurred Error ID: ### (###)."

Paying a Cart through Express Payments now sends order confirmation as guest (AMS-10032) STAFF VIEW  COMMUNITY HUB

We addressed a bug to ensure that order confirmation emails are sent for guest users paying a cart through Express Payments using the AutoProcessOrderEmails job. This change affects the SystemUtil and OrderConfirmationService classes.

Scheduled Payments Modal now shows correct Total Occurrences (AMS-10027) STAFF VIEW  COMMUNITY HUB

We addressed a bug to ensure that the Schedule Payment modal shows the correct number of occurrences to constituents when a Start date and End date is selected for an order payment.

Fix error generating billing histories with custom bulk billing class that extends NU.MembershipBulkBilling (AMS-9969 / AMS-10018) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NU 20.5.2

In Winter '19, we fixed an issue where Billing History records could not be created using a custom class that extends NU.MembershipBulkBilling. The error was
"First error: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: NU__Membership__c.NU__ExcludeFromBilling__c."

Restore ability to edit shipping type or cost of existing order (AMS-10007) STAFF VIEW  COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NU 20.5.3

To allow staff to edit shipping on orders without having to cancel an order and start a new one, additional checks were added in the transaction generator logic. This ensures transactions are generated when shipping and tax prices change. This change affects the CartSubmitter, OrderItemTransaction and TransactionGenerator classes.

Fix navigation of Checkout URL on Appeal Product Link record (AMS-9988) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NU 20.5.2

To address a bug, the Checkout URL field was updated on the Appeal Product Link object so the generated URL includes the product's Id. Without this, the URL was redirecting to the login page. This change affects the Appeal Product Link object.

Restore ability to merge accounts when packaged Account or Contact field names match unpackaged field names (AMS-9982) STAFF VIEW  PATCH: NU 20.5.4

While attempting to merge accounts, this resolves the error: "Error querying account fields. Be sure that the Account object does not contain a custom field with the same API name as a packaged field." This error occurred when there were Account or Contact fields in the Nimble AMS package that had the same API name as unpackaged custom fields added to the Account or Contact object.

Fix Schedules so they cancel when the corresponding Order and Order Items are canceled (AMS-9970) COMMUNITY HUB

A schedule now gets canceled automatically when the corresponding order item is canceled. Specifically, When an order item is canceled, the corresponding schedule's Stage (which is either Failed or Ongoing) is changed to Canceled.

Authorize.Net transactions with a Payment Processor Code value of "4" are now indicated as declined (AMS-9960) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 20.5.2 transactions coming back to Nimble AMS with a Payment Processor Code value of "4" signify "Action Required" are now correctly treated as declined instead of successful. This change affects the AuthorizeDotNetXmlService class.

Credit card payment capture jobs are no longer created for ACH/eCheck Community Hub payments (AMS-9955) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 20.5.2

ACH/eCheck does not require "capturing," regardless of the payment gateway, because it doesn't work like credit cards do. Fund capturing is exclusive to credit cards and is handled by the CaptureCreditCardPayment class. Fund reconciliation, on the other hand, is exclusive to ACH and is handled by the ReconcileUnsettledPayments class. This was causing excessive and unnecessary error alerts to be sent via email. So we updated CaptureCreditCardPayment to (A) ensure ACH payments are never marked as pending capture and (B) added a secondary check that prevents ACH payments from being queued for capture, which addresses ACH payments that were incorrectly marked before this fix was applied to your org.

Remove requirement of State and Postal Code fields when creating or editing a stored payment method (AMS-9845) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 20.5.3

Nimble AMS now allows removing field requirements for State and Postal Code when entering a stored payment method. This allows Nimble AMS to fall back to what each payment gateway providers requires. Specifically:

    • Clients using BluePay can leave both the State and Postal Code fields blank.
    • Clients using can leave State blank, but must still provide a Postal Code.

This change affects the AuthorizeDotNetXmlService class and AddressDetail component.

Resolved error on the My Orders page with Flexible Payments enabled (NC-4846)  COMMUNITY HUB

We fixed an error that appeared while accessing the My Orders page with Schedules/Installments option enabled. The error occurred due to a failure in querying for the Amount mandatory field while retrieving the schedule line records. The error was "SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: NU__ScheduleLine__c.NU__Amount__c."

Make error message clearer when schedule line fails to process (NC-4822 / NC-4850) COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, we've improved the error message related to the schedule line process failure to clearly inform the constituent that the payment process failed and they can try again. The new message is now: "Your transaction could not be processed. Please check your payment method information and try again."

Fixed style of date fields and multi-select checkboxes for flows displayed in Community Hub (NC-4786) COMMUNITY HUB

In Community Hub, card flows with date fields no longer have an incorrect text alignment, and multi-select field checkboxes no longer overlap with text fields formatted as headers.

Components for canceled programs no longer link to active programs (PROG-333) STAFF VIEW PATCH: PROG 12.3.0

Components that are linked to milestones for canceled programs no longer automatically link to new milestones. This could cause duplicate duplicate components to show up for an enrolled program is a constituent previously had a canceled program. Similarly, new components won't link to milestones for canceled programs. In other words, Nimble AMS Programs now rejects auto enroll components upon Program cancellation to avoid duplicate assignment of components during future enrollments. This change affects the ConstantsProgram, MilestoneComponentLinkManager, MilestoneComponentLinkUtil, and ProgramTriggerHandlers classes.


As part of each seasonal release, we update four custom user profiles (and one permission set) that ship with the Nimble AMS product. If you have cloned any of the profiles (most often the Nimble AMS Standard profile), you may wish to include some or all of these new permission grants into your own custom user profiles, so that your staff can access new capabilities. Read about the changes for Winter '19.

Below are the notable changes security changes in that they improve upon or fix existing functionality in Nimble AMS.

 Re-add permissions to Registration Account Name for logged in Community Hub users (NC-4916) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NC 20.1.0

On the record list card on the My Registrations page in Community Hub, the Account Name was no longer displaying. Read permission to znu__Registration2__c.znu__Account2__c was added back to the Community Hub Login User profile.

 Add permissions to Additional Emails and Confirmation Email order fields for logged in Community Hub users (NC-4831) STAFF VIEW COMMUNITY HUB

We added edit permission to these fields for logged in users. These email fields are displayed by default on the Donate Now page in Community Hub, but the Community Hub Login User profile was missing the permission to edit these fields. The Community Hub Guest permission set (for users who are not logged in) already had permission to edit these fields, so no change was needed there.

Grant Community Hub Guest permission set access to Schedule object so express payments can process (NC-4752) COMMUNITY HUB

To allow interoperation with the BluePay package, read access to the Schedule object is now granted to the Community Hub Guest permission set. When the Community Hub Guest user did not have access to the Schedule object in an org using BluePay, Express Payment would fail.

Winter '19