This is a list of every change made in the Summer '19 release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to Major Features.


Can I get a change early?

If you see a change for the upcoming release and it is something you just can't wait to have, contact Nimble AMS Support to see if it can get added to a patch that is deployed to your org prior to the major release.

You should also consider joining our Preview Channel to be on the cutting edge of our new features and receive them early. Contact your Client Success rep to learn more.

What do the different groupings mean (Added, Changed, etc.)?

Each change is grouped by type:

    • Added for new features.
    • Changed for updates to existing features.*
    • Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.
    • Removed for now removed features.
    • Fixed for bug fixes.
    • Security for permission changes and security improvements.

*Sometimes this is a new feature that improves upon and deprecates an older feature.

When does my org get upgraded?

Our Nimble AMS team always upgrades your org to the next major release. You are never left behind! Join the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand to get notified when major releases are scheduled to be deployed to your org.


As part of each seasonal release, we update four custom user profiles (and one permission set) that ship with the Nimble AMS product. If you have cloned any of the profiles (most often the Nimble AMS Standard profile), you may wish to include some or all of these new permission grants into your own custom user profiles, so that your staff can access new capabilities. 

Summer '19

Release Date: June 18, 2019  What's Changed


Ability to add Help Text for Fields on cards in Community Hub to provide clearer guidance to users. (NC-5073) 

The Community Hub configuration experience now provides advanced configuration options for certain card types. (NC-5041)

Developers now have the ability to enhance Recurring Memberships to prevent constituents from opting-out from auto-renewing. (NC-5016)

Allow customers to enable matching rules/duplicate rules to apply to accounts modified in Community Hub. (NC-4812)

Point and Click Data Sources now bring in Fields from Field Sets automatically making it easier to configure and use data sources. (NC-3376)

Administrators now have more options to configure Community Hub. (NC-5059)


Released in Spring 19 as a closed Pilot, our Business Events Framework is now open for customers to create your own customer events. (AMS-10290)

Developers can now take advantage of Business Rules on custom pages they create. (AMS-10267)

In the staff view order processor, subscription product prices are recalculated when the term is changed. (AMS-10195)

  Improved Defects

NC-5117Efficiency and stability improvements made to the checkout process.
NC-5106Invoice date now updates during checkout from Community Hub.
NC-5091In navigation 'My Scheduled Payments' item is  accessible when CH tags RecurringPayments are active and ScheduledPayments tag is inactive.
NC-5063The community hub license recycler should no longer run into CPU timeout failures when users were getting the following error message "Apex CPU Time Limit was exceeded".
NC-5021Ability to configure Donation Frequency of a single donation product introduced.
NC-4930Previously if there were no related records for a Read-Only Field Set Card, an error would be thrown. Now, the card will not be shown on the page when there are no results instead.
NC-4892Shopping Cart icon navigation visibility resolved for Mobile and Responsive view.
DPP-166History of changes made to email addresses are being cleared once an admin anonymizes an account.
CBBP-101Zip codes are now being sent to BluePay payment gateway with every transaction.
AMS-10368A company manager editing a schedule now has the option of choosing from his payment methods, and not the company's.
AMS-10359Some recurring schedules were failing unexpectedly or failing to be processed. The change improves reliability and stability for recurring schedules.
AMS-10357Now if an Order has a payment scheduled and it is paid off ahead of time using Express Payment, the payment schedule will be cancelled and no error message will be generated.
AMS-10353Resolved previous issues creating installment payments in staff view; this issue has now been fixed.
AMS-10335Order Information Modal reconfigured for Batch on Carts so that automatic batches are assigned to the correct date instead of automatically resetting to a batch for the current date.
AMS-10294Change to the Staff View Event Order Process. Now when choosing events Administrators can change the dropdown which has a limit of 1,000 to an autocomplete search box where the limit doesn't exist.