This is a list of every change made in the WInter '20 release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to Major Features.


Can I get a change early?

If you see a change for the upcoming release and it is something you just can't wait to have, contact Nimble AMS Support to see if it can get added to a patch that is deployed to your org prior to the major release.

You should also consider joining our Preview Channel to be on the cutting edge of our new features and receive them early. Contact your Client Success rep to learn more.

What do the different groupings mean (Added, Changed, etc.)?

Each change is grouped by type:

    • Added for new features.
    • Changed for updates to existing features.*
    • Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.
    • Removed for now removed features.
    • Fixed for bug fixes.
    • Security for permission changes and security improvements.

*Sometimes this is a new feature that improves upon and deprecates an older feature.

When does my org get upgraded?

Our Nimble AMS team always upgrades your org to the next major release. You are never left behind! Join the Release Readiness (external) group in NimbleLand to get notified when major releases are scheduled to be deployed to your org.


As part of each seasonal release, we update four custom user profiles (and one permission set) that ship with the Nimble AMS product. If you have cloned any of the profiles (most often the Nimble AMS Standard profile), you may wish to include some or all of these new permission grants into your own custom user profiles, so that your staff can access new capabilities. 

Winter '20

Release Date: October 22, 2019

What's Changed


Workflow improvements were made for easier configuration of the process builder (external) to automate business processes (AMS-10694).

Grace Period (Days) field was added to Membership Type (AMS-9681).

Logic was introduced to improve the processing of recurring schedules (AMS-10442).

Configurability was added to the recurring schedule start date logic when creating recurring schedules (AMS-10443).

Checks and balances were added to prevent users from deleting GL Accounts if they have related transactions (AMS-10605).

It was made possible to redirect to the Order processor on creation of membership/subscription history record (AMS-10262).

It was made possible to create initial transactions when ordering a deferred product by populating it with a certain field (AMS-10786).

Community HUB VIEW

Access for guest users was introduced with the Community Flow card type (NC-5310).

Configuration improvements were introduced to the order summary screen for registration purposes. (NC-5258).

It was made possible to support pagination in custom record list components (NC-5256).

Faster Community Hub Page Performance was introduced after a speed audit and optimization strategy for pages was implemented. (NC-5191 and NC-5227).

It was made possible to add a downloadable product with 0 quantity to cart in Community Hub (NC-5129).

Ability was added in stock product to make Membership Recurring as Required (NC-5042).