Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are tied to rules in staff view. Codes can be generated manually by staff, using the New Coupon Code button, or automatically, using the Generate Coupon Code button. Coupon codes are visible under the Coupon Codes related list on the rule from which they originated. The code is assigned a status of Active or Inactive based on the Start and End Date, and can be deleted as needed. It can also be assigned a start date and end date. If the End Date field is left blank, the code will be usable as long as the status remains active.

Entering a Coupon Code

When a user has been given a coupon code to use, they can enter it at checkout in Community Hub in order to receive the discount defined by the rule. When the coupon is applied, the user receives a message indicating that it was applied to the order. The user then sees the discount amount in the card for the product the coupon was applied to. 

A Coupon Code being used for a product needs to be mapped to the same entity as the item being purchased; this code will not properly function if crossover entities are in use at this time.


Under the Order Summary section of the checkout page, the user sees the Sub Total, Total Discounts, and the Grand Total, which is the total cost of the order with the coupon applied. 



If a coupon code had met its end date or has been deleted, the user receives a message indicating that the code is no longer valid and the discount is not applied to the order.

Removing a Coupon Code

Once a coupon code has been applied at checkout, it can be removed as needed. After the code is applied, the Apply button is replaced with a Remove button. Once removed, the user receives a notification that the coupon has been removed. The discount will no longer be visible in product card to which it was applied or in the Total Discounts field under Order Summary.

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