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There are so many ways that your members can show their support for a cause. One of the most impactful methods is through money that can be offered through our Nimble AMS Donations in Experience Cloud feature. The streamlined donation process not only facilitates spontaneous contributions but also amplifies donor participation, expanding the organization's reach and potentially boosting your revenue. 

Through the modern interface, your donors can make a one-time monetary contribution with the option to dedicate their support 'In memory of' or 'In honor of' someone. They can choose to donate as a guest or opt to log in. When donating as a guest, the system automatically provides an added layer of security through ReCaptcha to ensure a safer experience when submitting payment. Donations are a valuable source of revenue stream for your association, and we've made it easy for donors to express their support in your organization's mission.



  • Offers your donors an easy and quick way to support your cause:  It's important that your donors have a way to participate in your philanthropic activities that align with your mission. Helping others tends to offer a sense of personal fulfillment and build social connections. Our Donations in Experience Cloud feature is how your donors can achieve this. 
  • Provides a simpler setup for better user interaction: Now, your association has an improved and modern interface for accepting donations. The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Donations LWC will benefit your association because it can be set up and configured based on your preference.
  • Maximizes your revenue through donations: We realize that monetary contributions to support your association's philanthropic activities is essential. Through our Donations in Experience Cloud feature, you will have a healthy balance of revenue that's not solely from membership dues. 
  • Removes purchase barriers: Simplify and remove obstacles for your donors by not requiring them to log in or create an account to contribute. This encourages spontaneous giving especially for first-time donors who may not have an account with the association.

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