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Your constituents are represented in Nimble AMS as account records which contain demographic and historical information of their interactions with your association.

Account Configuration

Accounts are your source of truth for your Company and Individual Members, housing all of their details through fields on the initial page and related lists. This lets you see everything you need on one page, and easily drill down to the most important details, such as orders, affiliations, memberships, and beyond.

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Account Management

Community Hub provides administrators and staff the ability to manage users and perform the tasks needed to maintain their user base. With the proper permissions, staff can assist in password resets, and even log in as Community Hub user to provide further assistance. If the need should arise for a user to be denied access to Community Hub, staff can freeze that user so that they cannot log in.

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Accounts and Person Accounts

A constituent company is represented by an account record for B2B and an individual constituent is represented by a person account record, which is Salesforce's B2C solution combining an account and contact record. You can use accounts and person accounts to clearly define between individuals and companies, and give both equal access to all facets of Nimble AMS. Learn more about Person Accounts (external).

Person Account changes are best completed in Salesforce Classic, as not all features have been implemented into Lightning. Learn more about the Person Accounts Beta in Lightning (external)

Automated Information

To give you a full view of your constituents' interactions with your association, some information is automatically added or updated on their account:

Account Financials

So you can see the constituent's current balance with your association, Account Balance is updated each day—typically at night—by the CalculateAccountFinancials scheduled job. You can also manually update this before or after this job has run by clicking the "Calculate Financials" link on in the Account Links section of the page layout of a single Account.

The CalculateAccountFinancials automated job updates 1000 accounts at a time by default. The number of accounts processed at a time can be adjusted at any time. Learn how to Change the Calculate Account Financials Batch Size.

The CalculateAccountFinancials automated job filters and does not update accounts if there are no changes to the below fields:

  • AccountBalance
  • AccountMoneySpent
  • TotalAffiliateBalance
  • CreditBalance
  • TotalAffiliateMoneySpent

Membership Status

Membership related fields automatically populate when a constituent becomes a member and update throughout their membership term:

  • Status Membership FlagMember TypeMember , and  Lapsed display the constituent's membership type and status.
  • Join OnMember Thru, and Lapsed On display important dates for the membership.

You can update Member Override or Lapsed On Override to manually update the values in Member and  Lapsed. This can be helpful if you've configured a process to determine membership terms, or if you want staff to be able to quickly change a status.

Flexible Payments

An admin can add the Scheduled Payments flow to an account record page to display recent or upcoming schedule lines with a particular status to staff. The list of schedule lines is retrieved in realtime when you view an account record. Learn more about viewing a constituent's flexible payments.

Account Best Practices

Deleting Accounts

Salesforce has their own guidelines for deleting accounts (external) and certain relationships between objects (external), such as master detail relationships, ensure that is the parent record is deleted, the child record will be as well. Nimble AMS uses lookup relationships between objects to ensure ease of access in Community Hub for constituents; however, these relationships are not marked to be deleted automatically if a parent record is. In the event that your organization needs to remove accounts, such as test accounts, it is greatly recommended that your administrator first review your object structure to ensure that child relationships are deleted first. 

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