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Account Configuration

Accounts are your source of truth for your Company and Individual Members, housing all of their details through fields on the initial page and related lists. This lets you see everything you need on one page, and easily drill down to the most important details, such as orders, affiliations, memberships, and beyond.

Account Record Types

Account record types enable you to offer different picklist values, processes, and page layouts to different users, based on individual needs. For example, you might create a record type for non-profit companies and another for for-profit companies, they display the same fields, but you can adjust the displays on their page layouts and create different picklist values that are relevant to one or the other, while still displaying the values that may be needed for both.

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Authorized Email Domains

Authorized email domain(s) in Community Hub ensures only employees and company locations of the company are affiliated within the association and helps staff save time in reviewing and validating the affiliations between individuals, company locations, and parent companies are accurate.

Authorized email domain(s) maintain that:

  • Individuals can only affiliate themselves with their company if their email has a valid domain
  • Company managers can only affiliate their company to a company location whose primary contact has an email with a valid domain

Staff can set a valid email domain(s) for a company in Staff View and, when enabled in Community Hub, company managers can set a valid email domain(s) on the Edit Company page.

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Change the Calculate Account Financials Batch Size

The CalculateAccountFinancials automated job runs daily—typically at night—and updates the Account Balance on each account. By default, the CalculateAccountFinancials automated job updates 1000 accounts at a time, but in some cases, you may need to set it to process fewer accounts per batch.

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Community Hub Users, Accounts, Permission Sets, and Profiles

Community Hub uses a combination of users, accounts, permission sets, and profiles to provide access, personalization, and security. Community Hub user permissions and access settings are specified using profiles and permission sets. It’s important to understand the differences between profiles and permission sets so you can use them effectively. For more details, see the Related Links.

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